Monday, October 7, 2013

A Weekend of Firsts & My 1 Year Anniversary

Sleepy baby.
Poptart ice cream & lucky charms ice cream.
Breakfast with the fam.

Pita Jungle & 21 Choices
Mmm... Hefeweizen I've missed you!

Rice cereal passed the taste test.
I'll look after you, Paddington!
Ezzy and the Paddington family.
This weekend was full of firsts. Ezzy's first time meeting his family on Joe's dad's side. My first time going out minus Ezzy. Joe's first time watching Ezzy. Grandma's first time giving Ezzy a bottle. Ezzy's first time eating "solids" (really liquidy rice cereal, to be more exact). Ezzy's first stuffed nose.

We kicked off the weekend with a little mall excursion on Friday night, where the highlight (for me, anyway) was finding a new store called Sweet XO which had every kind of ice cream flavor you could possible want. I got strawberry poptart and lucky charms, Joe got glazed donut. I want to go back for the animal cookie and cake batter flavors.

Saturday morning we met up with Joe's uncle and cousins for breakfast. Since Ezzy got his shots on Friday, he was a little sleepier and fussier than normal. After getting passed around the table (the waitress called him the community baby), and having a little chat with his cousin who's four months older than him, he finally fell asleep in my arms.

Saturday afternoon my friend Millie and I met up for some much-needed girl time in downtown Fullerton. It was so nice to catch up and talk about adult things and give someone besides Ezzy my undivided attention. I didn't feel as much separation anxiety as I thought I would. Ezzy was in good hands, so I didn't have anything to worry about. As soon as I got home though I bee-lined straight to him and I didn't let him out of my arms for awhile.

Sunday morning Ezzy woke up really snotty, but otherwise in a smily, cheerful mood. We fed Ezzy his first taste of rice cereal. He loved it. You can see from the pics above that he was skeptical at first, but after a bite or two he was reaching eagerly for the spoon to shove more of the cereal into his mouth. Apparently mommy's hand wasn't move fast enough. He finished about half of it, and a good amount of it ended up on his face and clothes. So basically a typical first-time feeding. After Ezzy was nice and full, we went out to breakfast and then to the Pasadena swap meet where I found an adorable Paddington in a tux with the original tag still attached. I HAD to bring it home to join the rest of our Paddingtons.

In other news, today is the one year anniversary of the beginning of this blog! If you feel like revisiting Ezzy's first ultrasounds, when he still looked like a tiny bean, you can check out the first post here.

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