Friday, October 4, 2013

My Sweet Little Baby

Apparently my sweet little baby actually is little. Like below average on the growth charts little. The doctor confirmed his smallness today. She also confirmed his sweetness, cause he was turning up the charm for her, cooing and showing off his dimples. But we already know he's a sweetheart, so back to the smallness. At 13.6 pounds and 23.25 inches he's a tiny almost-5-month old. According to the doctor's growth chart that puts him in the tenth percentile for height and the 25th percentile for weight. His head, on the other hand, is above average size for his age. The doctor joked that all his calories are going to his head. He is still growing though, slowly but surely. According to his 3 month stats, he was 22 inches at his two month appointment, and at three months he was 12.5 lbs, so maybe this is just a lull and he'll go through a growth spurt soon?

In other eventful doctor appointment news, he took his four shots like a champ. He screamed for about half a minute, but he was smiling again by the time they gave him his oral vaccine. He slurped that thing up like they just gave him his first taste of ice cream or something. The nurse was surprised he loved it so much because she said it actually tastes awful. I guess he was just excited for something besides breast milk for once.

After that semi-traumatic appointment, we went home and had some comfort food (egg biscuit for mommy, breast milk for Ez) and then we had a nice long cuddle and nap.


  1. Aww, I think he's perfect. No matter what the silly charts say!