Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ezzy Turns 3 Months

Our little baby is growing up so fast! He's is no longer classified as a newborn. I'm not sure what he is called now... I guess just a baby? He weighs 12.5 lbs, up a pound from his 2-month checkup. I'm not sure how long he is now, but he was 22 inches at 2 months and he's been wearing size 3 month clothing for the last month, and he's also recently started wearing size 3-6.

Check out how different he looks from when we brought him home:
Ezzy: 0-3 Months
His little cheeks have filled out so much and even though he was pretty expressive as a newborn, his personality is really shining through now.

I was just re-reading my post on my daily schedule with a newborn, and Ezzy is definitely more independent than he was at 3 weeks. Even though he still prefers being held, he will entertain himself in his bouncer or on his playmat for 20-30 minutes about twice a day. Our afternoon routine varies a lot, depending on his mood, whether or not he takes a long nap, or just cat naps, and what we have planned for the day. Lately we've been making the rounds, visiting friends and family. Sometimes we'll run errands, and sometimes we just stay home and do chores. I feel very lucky that Ezzy is such an easy-going, social baby.

Our morning routine is fairly consistent, and actually not that different from when he was a few weeks old. He tends to wake up at 5 or 5:30 and I feed him in bed until he goes back to sleep. Then he wakes up for real around 8:30 and he'll usually entertain himself in bed long enough for me to make and eat breakfast. Once he starts fussing I change him and play with him. It makes my heart melt how fast he goes from fussing to smiling when he sees my face. He'll usually stay up until 11:30 or 12, and then start fussing so I feed him and he'll fall asleep again. Sometimes he'll take a 3 hour nap, and sometimes he's awake in 20 minutes. I'm trying to implement a night time routine too, to get him in the mood for bed. When Joe gets home, he'll hold Ezzy while I finish up dinner. After dinner we do bathtime and change into jammies. Then Joe or I read him a story, which he is surprisingly into. Afterward I usually nurse him on the couch until he falls asleep, which is anywhere between 9 - 11. Once he's asleep I move him into his rock & play, where he stays asleep until about 3 or 4 am, when I bring him to bed with me.

As far as nursing goes, Ezzy still hasn't ever had a bottle. I've tried pumping, but I'm not a fan. I have a feeling that when I do decide to leave him with a sitter, I'm just going to use formula. Back when he was a month old, he was eating up to 14 times a day/night. As of now he's down to 8 feedings a day. And I've mastered the art of feeding him in his carrier while I run errands, so I'm no longer chained to the couch. Yay!

  • Ezzy can now touch and grab things. That's a skill they're supposed to learn during week 12 (a wonder week) - and he was right on track with that. He'll concentrate really hard on an object, with his fists in front of his face like a little boxer, and then he'll reach out and bat at or grab whatever has caught his attention. Some of his favorite things to fixate on are my bouquet of fake flowers, my scarves or anything with a bright pattern, and some of his toys, especially the lamaze firefly.
  • He rolled over from tummy to back for the first time this past Saturday. It seemed unintentional and he looked really surprised to be on his back. It actually happened so quickly that I almost missed it.
  • He went from hating bathtime to loving it in the past week. He kicks his little feet and splashes around. It's the cutest thing. 
  • Ezzy gets little giggling fits every now and then. In the past there was the infamous Ezzy squeak, but now he'll actually laugh and giggle, especially when we're playing airplane. Again, this kid melts my heart.
  • He likes to chatter and he's been experimenting with new sounds. I usually try to mimic whatever sound he makes, which cracks him up.
Ezzy Likes:
  • Being carried around by daddy, facing forward, like he's on a little throne.
  • Sucking on his hands is his favorite thing. He's been doing this for at least a month, but it's pretty rare to see him without his hands either in front of his face, or in his mouth. 
  • Toys that sound like crinkly paper.
  • Playing airplane.
  • Shadow boxing.
  • Doing baby "pull-ups" with the help of daddy.
  • His changing table.
Ezzy Dislikes:
  • His carseat.
  • Long car rides.
  • Having to wait for food.
  • Tummy time. He tries so hard to crawl/scoot, and gets frustrated that he can't move.

Meeting Auntie Rhoda for the first time

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