Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Ezzy Tour - First Stop: Modesto

Sunday night, right after we returned from Santa Barbara, I packed a bag and we headed to the Burbank airport for Ezzy's first flight. We (minus Joe) were headed to Modesto to hang out with family and introduce Ezzy to lots and lots of friends and relatives. The pic below is Ezzy right before boarding. He flew like a champ. I had read that it's best to nurse during take off and landing to avoid any pain from the cabin pressure, and since it's such a short flight to Oakland, he spent the entire flight nestled under a blanket, quietly eating. Once we landed several passengers commented that they didn't even know there was a baby on the plane, which I think was a compliment.

Our 4-day visit in Modesto was jam-packed with Ezzy appearances. Monday was all about my childhood friends. They came over with their kids and we spent the day by the pool, eating pizza and homemade coconut cake (thanks, Zshnette!). I even took Ezzy for his first dip in the pool, and he didn't seem to mind it. 

Tuesday Ezzy got to meet his Aunt Anna for the first time. He was in a particularly hungry mood that day. Maybe all the excitement from traveling worked up an appetite? It was really great to catch up with my sis though, and Ezzy stopped eating long enough to show off his charming dimples. He was also really entranced by those black and white pillows in the pic below. 

After Auntie Anna's house, it was off to Chevy's so Ezzy could meet his great-grandpa Delbert & great-grandma Nancy. Ezzy spent the first half of the meal sucking on his hands and the second half asleep in Grandma Nancy's arms, which means mommy got to eat her enchiladas with two hands!

After such a busy day, it was nice to spend some time relaxing at home with the fam. For some reason Ezzy thinks his uncles are hilarious. As soon as he sees them he breaks out into huge grins (as you can see in the pic below of him and Brett, sizing each other up). The uncles seem equally fascinated by Ezzy. In fact, the whole family spent an hour watching Ezzy lie on the floor and watch baseball while kicking his legs in the air and shadow boxing. Ezzy was completely oblivious to our presence, and when he finally turned his head and noticed all of us staring at him he seemed startled - but it was good entertainment for the rest of us. 

Wednesday we headed over to my Aunt's house in Stockton and Ezzy met several great-aunts and cousins. He's a lil social butterfly, so he was loving all the attention. He also made out like a bandit with a whole sack of adorable clothes. He's such a loved/spoiled baby. Thank you, Kelli!

After spending the day in Stockton we headed straight over to Great-Grandma Kathi's house. By then Ezzy's social skills were fading a little, but he seemed content to gnaw on his fist while in grandpa's arms.

Thursday evening we were flying back home, so we spent the day relaxing and I got to catch up with my bros a little. And I actually went swimming for the first time this summer. It was soooo nice.

Isn't that sad??? Grandpa's cuddling with Ezzy's shirt after we left.

We had such a great time visiting with everyone and it's so heartwarming that Ezzy has such a huge family that want to spend time with him and love on him. He's such a lucky lil guy. We can't wait for our next visit, hopefully with Joe too. I was playing Ezzy videos of him and Joe while we were there and he would perk up at the sound of daddy's voice. So cute!

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