Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy (belated) Birthday Joe!




This post is about two weeks late, but I've been busy following Ezzy around on a whirlwind rockstar tour to visit with lots of friends and family. It's amazing how many similarities there are between babies and rockstars. Ezzy causes a frenzy wherever he goes. Throngs of adoring women gather around him to fawn over his every move. He's in high demand to show up at events. Sometimes he wakes up in his own pee. (Actually, that happens most nights.) He's got a manager (momager) to handle all the mundane details of his life. It's a glamorous life. But more on the Ezzy tour later.

Rewind to July 20th when we headed to Santa Barbara to celebrate our birthdays. It was our first overnight trip with Ezzy, and aside from some car-ride fussiness, he loved it. Actually, all three of us loved it. Joe's mom treated us to a room at El Encanto, which is a beautiful hotel. The rooms are spread out in cute bungalows and the property had a koi pond, a waterfall, and a heated pool. Our bed was giant and sooo comfy. There was a huge bathtub and a fireplace (which we actually used, even though the weather was absolutely perfect). And the views were AMAZING. We were way up on a hill overlooking the ocean. Thank you so much, Kathleen!

Our trip mostly consisted of eating delicious food, walking around town and the pier, exploring the grounds at El Encanto, and lots and lots of relaxing. I even had my first bubble bath in years. Oh, and we took tons of pictures, in case you couldn't tell. It may look like I just threw all of them in this blog post, but I actually did edit out a lot of them. There were so many good ones, it was hard to narrow them down. I especially love all the ones of sunset on the pier.

Happy belated birthday, my love! You spoil Ezzy and me, and we're both so lucky to have you. Here's to many more exciting adventures to come. 

Coming up next is Ezzy's first flight!

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