Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Day In Our Life: 24 Hours With a Newborn

Back when Ezzy was about two weeks old I decided to keep a little log of what our average day looks like. Mostly I was curious why I have so little time to do anything, even though he sleeps so much. I was also curious exactly how often and for how long this little guy eats, because some days it feels like eat at least 16 hours a day. So in case you're wondering what a day in the life of a newborn and first time mom looks like, here you go:

7:45 - I feed Ezzy in our bed (where he's been since 4:30). Both of us doze back offer to sleep.
8:20 - He wakes up and starts fussing because my nipple fell out of his mouth. I get up, pour myself some cereal, and move to the couch where we both eat breakfast.
8:40 - I have to pry Ezzy off my boob so I can use the bathroom. I come back to find him happy and alert  so we lie together in bed and I tell him about some of my favorite books that we'll read together one day. He smiles while he audibly goes poop. I take it he's had enough of story time once he starts letting out short bursts of crying (not coincidentally right around the time he stops pooping).
9:05 - He's freshly changed (after screaming bloody murder the entire time he was on the changing table). Back we go to the couch for some more nursing. Still a little traumatized from the diaper change, he pauses from sucking every now and then to let out little cries while shaking his head (and my nipple) back and forth like a rabid dog. I turn on Netflix for a Once Upon a Time marathon and make a mental to-do list: shower, litter box, dishes, blog.
10:15 - I start dozing off and Ezzy is already asleep so I attempt to move us to bed. Rookie mistake. He wakes up acting ravenous. We both fall asleep while he's nursing.
11:45 - I wake up to Ezzy wanting (what else?) more food. First I change him while he screams bloody murder again. Them he eats on the couch while I drink some water. I'm hungry too, but nothing that I can make and eat one-handed sounds appetizing yet.
12:20 - Ezzy has been eating and fussing for a few minutes. Then his hands get in the way of his mouth so he spends a few minutes trying to eat them. Suddenly he settles down all content and alert while he poops. We listen to the Mumford and Sons station on Pandora which keeps him in a good mood for over an hour - even through a diaper change! Best. band. EVER. We even managed to dance around for a few songs before he tried feeding through my shirt.
1:30 - Back to the couch. Items completed from my to-do list: 0. Items I should probably add to my to-do list: lunch & brush teeth.
1:50 - Apparently dancing wore him out because he falls asleep a few minutes into eating. I carefully slide him off my lap onto the couch and scurry off to the kitchen to microwave some popcorn. I've officially reached the stage of hunger where anything sounds appetizing. I manage to finish half the dishes while the popcorn's popping. I go back to check on him and find him lying there, eyes wide open. I tiptoe away hoping he'll fall back asleep. He instantly starts fussing. I sit on the couch with my popcorn and both of us eat again. He falls asleep within minutes again.
2:00 - This time I place him in his cradle and try to finish the dishes. I hear him screaming as I'm scrubbing the last pot.
2:10 - I'm back on the couch feeding him.
2:15 - He's asleep again. I'm afraid to move.
2:40 - I flip through a magazine for half an hour before I finally decide he's asleep enough to be out down in his cradle. I rush to take a 5 minute shower. He's awake and fussing by the time I get out.
3:00 - Time for another diaper change. This time he pees on himself and screams even harder than usual (if possible).
3:10 - We're back on the couch nursing. So far I've finished the dishes, showered, brushed my teeth, and ate "lunch" - however I'm only wearing underwear at the moment.
4:00 - Daddy gets home early and I finally get to put on some clothes. We eat an early dinner of leftovers while Ezzy sleeps in his cradle.
5:30 - Ezzy wakes up just as we finish eating. This is probably the first dinner I've eaten with my boobs tucked away since we got home from the hospital. Daddy changes him then I feed him.
6:00 - He's asleep so I try putting him back in his cradle. His eyes immediately open so I hold him until he's asleep and then pass I'm off to Daddy.
6:15 - I sit down at my computer and start working on my blog. I can hear him going poop while sitting on Daddy's lap. Once the smell becomes unbearable Daddy changes him. He wakes up and Daddy keeps him occupied for a little bit before passing him back to me for another feeding. I feed him at my computer while blogging with one hand.
8:00 - I pass him off to Daddy for yet another diaper change. He's fussing so we decide to go for a walk and see if he calms down. We make it halfway around the block before he's screaming and Daddy has to carry him home, shushing in his ear.
8:45 - We're on the couch nursing again. The only thing left on my to-do list is the litter box. All in all this is as productive as my days get lately. We watch Breaking Bad while I feed Ezzy on and off until 9:40. Not willing to risk him waking up, I hold him for the next hour.
10:40 - I put Ezzy in his cradle. We get ready for bed and we're in bed playing Family Feud by 11:20.
11:50 - I change Ezzy then nurse him in bed with us. We both fall asleep.
2:00 - Ezzy wakes up fussing. I change his diaper then feed him in the rocking chair in his room.
2:25 - I put him in his cradle.
5:00 - I pull him into bed for another feeding. We both doze on and off until 7:30.

Ezzy loves being held. It doesn't matter if he's asleep, awake, or nursing, he wants to be in someone's arms. One day soon he'll be running all over the place and I'll probably have to force him to cuddle with me, so I'm soaking this up while it lasts. Kudos to all the parents with two or more young children. I'm not really sure how anyone manages to take care of a newborn AND a toddler. I guess it's one of those things in life that you can't really plan for, you just figure it out as it comes. Or maybe there's some magical secret about how to have enough time for everyone - in which case I'd love to hear it. I know I've said this several times in the past few weeks, but once again, thank God for Joe. He works all day then comes home and entertains Ezzy so I can get a few things done. He's such an amazing dad.

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