Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy First Father's Day!


Happy Father's Day to the most loving and playful father a son could hope for. The past ten months have held so many moments of intense love and happiness for our little family. From that morning when I first found out I was pregnant to the first time we saw Ezzy's face on the sonogram to that first cry in the delivery room, it has been such a joyful journey. I will never forget the ecstatic look on Joe's face in those early morning hours when we met our son for the first time. Or how he went from being careful and timid the first time he held Ezra to never wanting to set him down. Now he confidently zooms Ezzy through the air like a little rocket ship (Ezrocket ship, to be exact). And Ezzy loves it. He'll stare around wide-eyed taking in his new surroundings while Daddy narrates everything they pass. Nobody can entertain Ezzy like Joe, and he was the first one to coax a real smile from Ezzy. It has been so much fun watching their bond grow as Ezra becomes more aware and involved in his surroundings and I'm so excited for all the fun adventures we'll share as a family. I love my boys so much.

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