Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Recap: Our First "Real" Outing with Ezzy

This past Saturday was our first "real" outing with Ezzy. When I say real, I mean we actually did something fun, and were able to sit and talk with other adults, as opposed to running into a grocery store and splitting up so we can grab everything we need before Ezzy throws a fit. I can't say for sure, but it may have been the first time that week when either Ezzy or I wore real clothes. His adorable little crab onesie was a gift from our landlord. Our agenda for the day was to meet up with some of Joe's old co-workers at Barneys Beanery in Burbank, and then, depending on Ezzy's mood, we wanted to try out SubZero Ice Cream, which was featured on Shark Tank this past Friday night. You get to pick your own ice cream base, choose the flavor, and then pick mix-ins. They mix everything right in front of you, and then freeze it using liquid nitrogen. 

After a couple minutes of crying in the car on the way to Burbank, this is what Ezzy looked like all through lunch: 

I think Joe's co-workers may have been a little disappointed that Ezzy never budged from his carseat, but Joe and I were thrilled. We actually got to eat a meal and converse with people. Originally we were planning to just pop in and say hi, then leave as soon as Ezzy woke up, which we assumed would be within 15 minutes. So his three hour nap was a really pleasant surprise.

Irish Nachos
After almost two hours, Ezzy was still asleep so we decided to push our luck and head to SubZero. He woke up screaming just as we were parking, but I put him in the Infantino carrier, covered him with a blanket, and nursed him while we were walking around the mall and he fell right asleep. Oddly enough, he seemed to get more attention with just his feet poking out of the bottom of the carrier than he did at the restaurant. It seemed like every other woman we passed either pointed at him excitedly or commented on his tiny little legs. It was like carrying around a mini-celebrity.

SubZero was yummy. We got a soy milk base, with marshmallow and vanilla flavoring, and almond joy and nilla wafers mix-ins. Even better than the ice cream was the fact that we were actually able to eat out in public. 

It was also my first time nursing him in public, and it went more smoothly than I had imagined. We have three carriers, the bjorn, chicco, and infantino, and I think the infantino is best for him at this stage. It's completely open in the front, so it's easy nursing access, and I think it's more comfortable for Ezzy. I covered him with an Aden & Anais muslin blanket and it was discreet but he didn't get too hot. The only difficult part of the day was when he screamed half the way home. It's heartbreaking to hear him crying when there's nothing I can do about it. 

On a brighter note, Ezzy is officially giving us giant, heart-melting smiles now:

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