Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy 1 Month Birthday, Ezzy!

The past month flew by! Ezzy is getting more comfortable and fascinated with his surroundings and we're getting a little more comfortable as parents. I know everyone says they grow up so fast, but I really dp feel like he's already grown and changed a lot. Right around the time he turned 4 weeks old he started taking interest in a few things that used to either annoy or terrify him.

Exhibit A: His swing. I tried putting him in his swing when he was two and three weeks old and he would go from perfectly content to red faced and screaming in a matter of seconds. I tried again at 4 weeks and suddenly he's happy as a little clam for 15 - 20 precious minutes that I usually use to throw together some food and eat.

Exhibit B: Pacifiers. I started trying pacifiers at week 1 when he would act fussy even if I was feeding him, but he would just spit the pacifier out and keep fussing. A lot of other bloggers recommended Nuk pacifiers and thankfully Ezzy loves those. That bought me at least half an hour during dinner tonight.

Exhibit C: Carriers. I tried 3 different carriers and Ezzy hated all of them, so we pretty much just stuck with his stroller, which he used to love. But suddenly he decided he hates his carseat and after a few walks that resulted in one of us carrying a screaming baby while the other pushed the stroller home we gave up on walks for awhile. Then I found the Infantino carrier, a gift from my cousin, buried in the closet and I gave that a go. Success! We took him for a walk in that last night and he spent the first half of the walk looking around all wide-eyed and the second half he was knocked out. Now I can carry him around while doing chores or take him out on errands without worrying about him throwing a fit.

Exhibit D (my favorite): Smiling when we talk to him. Mornings tend to be his most content time, and for the past week or so he'll spend about 30 - 40 minutes watching me talk to him and giving me big, adorable smiles. It's those moments that make any sleeplessness, smelliness, and fussiness completely worth it.

Exhibit E: Toys are beginning to catch his attention. He has two rattle-type toys that seem to intrigue him. He even tried grabbing for one (we think). It will be so much fun once he can start grasping things and playing with his toys.

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