Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life Lately - Lots of Family Time

This past week was filled with lots and lots of family time. I have a feeling now that Ezzy's here that will be pretty common around here, and we couldn't be happier. Ezzy made his first trip to his grandma's house and met his cousins for the first time last Tuesday. To mine and Joe's surprise he spent a lot of time awake and not hungry for once. Our little boy is growing up! Then Ezzy got a double dose of grandparents over the weekend when my parents came down for a few days. Last time they saw him he was only a few hours old and slept through the whole visit, and this time he was so alert and gave lots of smiles (along with a few scowls and cries). Apparently they have the "boring grandparents" touch or something, because they managed to put him to sleep just by talking to him, which was much appreciated. 

This kid cracks me up

No more pictures, Dad!

Such a serious lil guy

Visiting the farmers market and the grove

And because I'm sure you were wondering what James has been up to, here's a little update: He's been busy guarding our yard and expanding our territory. He'll be king of the neighborhood pretty soon. In the above pic he's showing us what a bada*s he is by demolishing the tree in our front yard.

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