Monday, June 2, 2014

Soaking Up the Sunshine

We've been busy enjoying the beautiful So Cal weather (aka, sunny but below 100 degrees). That means lots of park dates, a stroll through the farmer's market (with a pit stop for ice cream), and a trip to the beach. I took Ezzy to a splash pad for the first time. He wasn't too thrilled for the whole concept when a huge bucket of water dumped on the ground right next to us as soon as we got there, but after he took a moment to watch all the other kids running around having fun he grabbed my hand and tried to go chasing after them. An older woman (maybe 2 or 3) took a liking to Ezzy and ran up to give him his first kiss. My little playground Casanova. Ezzy was really bashful after that though, and kept trying to hide behind my legs. My sweet, silly boy. 

On Saturday Ezzy woke up from his nap with energy to spare, so we decided to let him run it off at the park. Usually that means he's holding on to one of our hands, but this time we brought his little push lawn mower and let him explore on his own. At first he was wobbly, especially since he's not used to walking with shoes on, but he caught on fast, and then he was practically sprinting around with his lawn mower. We were shocked how far he walked, and by the time he got tired he was dripping sweat and panting and stopping for snacks every few steps.

Sunday was our beach day, and Ezzy let us know right away that he still hasn't warmed up to the ocean - he burst into tears as soon as the waves crashed around his feet. He did like sitting on Daddy's shoulders and running away from the waves as soon as they got near. He also liked destroying any sand castles Joe built, and throwing handfuls of sand every which way. 

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


  1. Ahh love the mower pics, haha oh man he does look like he got quite the workout. The beach pics are super cute, we hit up the beach too. Last time Aria was a little shy about the water and this time she was downright suicidal - geesh kid at least hold mama's hand so the waves don't just keep bowling you over!

  2. Love the little mower. I bet that will help him steady himself ore and he'll be off and running in no time. :) Adorable pics!