Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bonjour Gangy & Grampa

"C'mon Grampa, I've got so much to show you!"
Ezzy loves watching the carousel...
...much more than he likes riding it.
An evening at the park
and playing ball
which, unfortunately...
...resulted in:
Ezzy forgave Grampa though.
And Gangy. And mom. Cause he actually face-planted three times. Whoops.
But look at that boy walk!
Pretty much all weekend looked like a version of this -
grabbing Grampa by the hand and dragging him all over the place.

Three days went by much too quickly. We spent the majority of Gangy and Grampa's visit practicing Ezzy's favorite new skill: walking. He really turned a corner in the last day or two and has suddenly decided that he can walk all on his own. He still likes dragging us around by the hand, but periodically he'll drop our hand and start tottering off to explore on his own. This morning he actually scared the crap out of me when he came walking into the kitchen while I was making breakfast. Once Joe's gone to work I'm not used to somebody else walking around the house, especially all stealth-like. I'm used to a noisy crawling baby, so this is going to take some getting used to. 

Also, as you might have gathered from the pictures, there's been a lot of face-planting in the past few days. Most of the times have been harmless, but there was one face-plant into the chair, which resulted in a bitten bloody tongue. That was traumatic for all of us.

Gangy and Grampa's hotel had a pool and these great cabanas with fans, so that's where we spent our Monday afternoon. The last time Ezzy tried out his floatie in a pool he absolutely hated it, so I didn't think pool time would last that long. This time he was pretty serious at first, clutching a pool noodle with furrowed brows while Grampa pulled him back and forth across the pool, but eventually I gave him a ball to play with and he got a huge kick out of throwing it and splashing Grampa and me with the water. Maybe he liked this pool better because the water was warmer? Or maybe it's just because toddlers change their minds every other day? Either way, fun was had by all.

We are already looking forward to our next visit, hopefully in a few weeks. Rest up and work on your cardio, Gangy and Grampa, because by that time Ezzy will be running all over the place. 


  1. Walking and those cheeks!! So cute! Sadly the face plants happen, over and over. Aria had so many little bruises on her forehead..ugh. I was paranoid people thought we were beating the kid up, but man she was doing a great job all on her own. I gets better!!! Until he figures out how to climb into chairs, then it starts over again.

    1. I'm sure anyone who's raised a toddler knows they beat themselves up ;) And I'm definitely not looking forward to when Ezzy can climb on stuff! Very thankful we don't have stairs...