Thursday, June 26, 2014

Checkup time!

Ezzy had his 1 year checkup and shots today. (Only a month and a half late.) What a difference this visit was from the last time we went, in March. For one thing, Ezzy was dragging me around the waiting room, walking up to kids and staring at them (which is kinda like interacting). But more importantly, Ezzy's weight and height jumped way up. (Last doctor's visit stats here.)He gained 5 lbs in the last 3.5 months, putting him at 23.8 lbs and in the 70th percentile. He's 29 1/4 inches and in the 30th percentile for height. That means he grew more than 2 inches! Last time he was in the bottom 10th percent for height and weight, so that's a big jump. Even his head circumference (which has always been large) grew an inch and jumped into the 90th percentile. I know I keep saying it, but he is officially my big boy instead of my baby now. And where the heck does that big head come from?

I hate seeing Ez get shots, but he took it all like a champ. The doctor commented how brave he was, because instead of full on crying, he did a silent tears-rolling-down-his-cheeks cry. I actually found that much sadder than his real crying. But that was just while she was doing the checkup. Once it came time to get the shots (2, this time), he was full on wailing. But he was over it in .3 seconds, and fell right asleep in the car afterward.

Waiting room fun (pre-doctor):

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