Friday, June 13, 2014

13 Months - the mischievous age

I wasn't sure if I'd continue doing monthly updates after Ezzy turned 1, but I feel like he's still changing so much each month, that I decided to continue the updates, but with a shorter format.

Ezzy - I am officially naming this age the mischievous age. Not a day goes by that I don't comment on what a handful you are. I seriously need three or four hands to keep up with all the mischief you can get into in the blink of an eye. Exhibit A: I go to the bathroom for a minute, come back to find the contents of my purse scattered on the floor and you sitting in the middle of the mess with a proud smile on your face. Exhibit B: you follow me into the bathroom, I walk out, calling for you to follow me. I immediately hear splashing, turn around, and see you arm deep in the toilet. Ewww! Exhibit C: we sit down on the couch for some snacks. You immediately reach for my open bottle of water. While I grab the water just before you spill it you grab a handful of snacks and fling them on the floor. I bend over to pick them up and you start flailing excitedly (because apparently nothing makes you happier than throwing stuff on the floor) and hit me in the face. And that's just the last couple days. The list could go on. And on. But with that devilishly sweet smile of yours, who could stay mad? 

This is also a very energetic age. We now spend large parts of the day just trying to wear off all that energy you've got. This includes walks with you pushing your lawn mower around (sometimes several times a day), practicing walking on your own, and an hour of wading in the pool a couple times a week. Still trying to figure out the magical formula that will make you tired enough to sleep through the night, but the closest we've come is pool + walker when you slept 5 hours straight, woke up for forty minutes, then slept another four hours.

New Skills:
  • Waving. Not so much on command, but when you do decide to wave it's a ten minute production.
  • Sharing. You love handing stuff to Daddy or me. Then you promptly grab it back. And hand it back to us. And so on and so on. You get a huge kick out of this game.
  • Pointing. You started doing this yesterday in front of the mirror while mimicking me.
  • Actually, just mimicking in general. I think we officially have to be careful what we do in front of Ez. Yesterday he kept copying Joe licking his lips. He's constantly studying us, and you can practically see the wheels turning and then suddenly he's doing whatever we were doing. Cute and a lil scary at the same time!
  • Water! Swimming pools, fountains, splash pads, streams, ponds. You name it he loves it. 
  • His walkers. He practically sprints with those things now. And you better move because he will run you over! Also, he loves to explore and touch everything - rocks, fences, flowers, leaves...all of it intrigues him.
  • Being carried on Daddy's shoulders.
  • Plastic cards (gift cards, library cards, etc...)
  • Touching the tv.
  • Hide and seek.
  • Pulling all the tupperware out of the kitchen cabinet. And all of the socks out of the dresser. And all of the laundry out of the basket. Basically just making a mess in general.
  • Being ignored or bored. He's very vocal if he needs more attention.
  • Not being allowed in the bathroom. He'll stand outside pounding on the door and crying.
  • Having anything taken away from him. He seems to think that if he gets his hands on something he's claimed it and it's his forever. Sorry bud, but that's not the case.

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