Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's the Little Things: Ezzyisms

Lately it's become really apparent that Ezzy's imagination has kicked into overdrive. He comes up with the silliest little games and ways to entertain himself. Joe and I are constantly asking each other where he comes up with this stuff. I haven't been able to catch most of it on camera, because the kid doesn't sit still for the 5 seconds it takes my phone to take a picture, so I'll just list it out because he's going through phases so quickly, and I don't want to forget all his cute, quirky habits.

1. Sticking out his tongue/licking his lips while making "aaahhh" sounds. As with most of the stuff he does, he loves if you mimic him. I think one day he saw Joe or I lick or lips, and he copied us, which we thought was cute, so we did it back, and now it's one of his favorite things to do over and over. I really feel like this one deserves a video.

2. Pointing. All of a sudden he's pointing at everything. And he loves if you point back at him and touch his finger then make an explosion sound. Joe came up with this one. I think their imaginations are on the same level.

3. Handing us everything he gets his hands on. He's become really into "sharing." Kind of. He usually hands us something for .2 seconds, then promptly takes it back. Or he'll do the fakeout and act like he's giving it to us, but never actually let go. I'm pretty sure he came up with this game all on his own.

4. Waving. He definitely knows what "Wave hi!" means. Whether or not he decides to do it on command varies though. Sometimes he likes to throw in the double wave too.

5. Turning his head away from us and pretending like he's ignoring us, then swiveling his head back toward us and cracking up. Not sure if this is a variation of hide and seek, but he definitely came up with this on his own and gets a big kick out of it.

6. Shaking his head no. He's been doing this for awhile, but before he didn't know it meant "no." Lately it seems like he's actually answering no to questions. Or maybe the timing is just a coincidence. Kinda hard to say.

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