Friday, January 23, 2015

A Day in our Life: Toddlerville

The last time I did a Day in our Life post, Ez was 1 month old! Obviously a lot has changed in the last 19 months, and a lot will change this summer when we add a newborn to the mix, so I wanted to capture what an ordinary day with an energetic, hilarious, opinionated, and slightly moody 20 month old looks like.

7:20 - Ez and I wake up. His newest thing is that he insists we hold hands as we walk down the hall. He used to go bounding off before me, running and giggling into the living room, so this is kinda strange but also very cute at the same time. I make Ez some toaster waffles and sit down to blog and drink my lemon water while he eats.
8:00 - I make myself breakfast and Ez whines as soon as I sit down to eat because he wants me to do puzzles with him. Needing my attention as soon as I try to eat is quickly becoming a daily tradition with this one.
8:30 - I get us both ready for the day (although my version of getting Ez ready is to change his diaper and leave him in his pjs).
9:00 - We're out the door. 1st stop is to pick up a package that my mom inexplicably had delivered to my old work. You're welcome, Mom ;)
9:30 - Ez screams bloody murder when it's time to get back in his car seat because he thought we were going to Gymboree. I tell him that's our next stop, but he doesn't seem impressed.

9:40 - Only 10 minutes late for Gymboree, woohoo! The class is crowded and Ez doesn't even bother trying to follow the "Stop & Go" instructions for the day. He's more interested in climbing things, and playing basketball. As long as he's worn out by naptime, I'm happy.
10:20 - We walk to Trader Joe's where Ez wolfs down a banana and larabar while I shop.

11:00 - Home just in time to watch the garbage truck pick up our trash! Highlight of Ez's day, by far.
11:15 - I put away the groceries and pack up some snacks for a walk.
11:30 - Ez and I walk the long way to the park so I can get some steps in and he can see the "big trucks".

12:15 - I manage to read about 3 pages of Game of Thrones at the park while Ez plays and snacks on blueberries. We make a pit stop at the skate park where Ez watches the skaters before we head home.
1:00 - We're back home and Ez gets a glass of milk before going down for a nap.
1:25 - I fix myself lunch and eat while answering emails and reading blogs.

2:25 - tabloids and treadmill time! Call it a guilty pleasure/incentive/reward or what you will, but I love my Us Weekly, and I only let myself read it on the treadmill, so Thursdays are my fave day to workout. I'm exactly 40 minutes in when I hear Ez. Perfect timing.
3:05 - Ez has been super clingy lately and requires a solid 5 minutes of cuddles before he'll even think about food or water. No complaints here. I fix Ez some food and simultaneously read while pushing a car back and forth with Ez. Mama multi-tasking at its finest.

4:20 - green smoothie time! Ez cries hysterically the entire time I'm putting ingredients in the blender because he knows it's about to get loud, but he's all smiles when I hand him his smoothie. Then it's serious business as he gulps that thing down like he's being timed. This.boy.
4:30 - I start prepping dinner cause Joe just texted that he'll be home early. I also empty the dishwasher and do a few other kitchen chores.
5:20 - Joe gets home and I start cooking dinner. 

6:00 - We eat while Ez mainly stacks and plays with his food. I think Ez ate one piece of tofu and a few tomatoes. I'm just happy when he actually samples what we're eating, even if he does make a completely disgusted face the entire time he's chewing.

6:45 - Bath time! As soon as I mention bath Ez hops off my lap yelling "BAaaa!"

7:00 - Lotion, pjs, and cute photo ops, of course ;)

7:15 - my favorite time of day: cuddles on the couch watching game shows or basketball and playing whatever the toy of the hour happens to be (usually cars, but this day it was a hammer whack-a-mole type toy my sisters got Ez for Christmas). This is also when I get some reading done. Normally Joe would just be getting home,  and we'd be eating dinner (Ez eats earlier most nights), but since he had a late afternoon doctor appointment we get extra family time tonight. Ez loves when both of us are home and usually goes back and forth between playing with us, climbing on the couch to snuggle and watch TV (he loves Family Feud), and running off to play by himself. He's usually at his silliest at this time of day, coming up with new ways to makes us laugh - like pretending a bowl is a telephone or creating a new dance.

8:30 - We all start getting ready for bed, Ez gets another glass of milk, and we're all in bed by 9:15. 

And that's our day to day life! Things I probably could've/should've done: straighten up the house before bed (I try to make it a daily habit - it happens about half the time), finally fold the clothes that have been sitting in the dryer for two days, shower. I am so close to finishing Game of Thrones, it is consuming my life. Down to the last 20 pages, and then things like showering will take priority again ;)


  1. Love that pic of him wrapped up in his towel! So cute!

  2. Oh my goodness mama! Does he always only nap 40 minutes? Yall had a jam packed day!

  3. Sounds like quite a day! Aww, the exciting life of a mom, huh? :) Gymboree and the park in one day? Lucky guy!

  4. Is that a yoshi sippy? awesome. Love the mini thor ha. I like that he takes turns with the hammers, or switches I guess. Finish Game of Thrones now? I get that way at the end of any book...must finish!!!