Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It's the Little Things: a So Cal Winter

My little monkey. And Ez.  ;)
With a million things to pack and do before this weekend, it only made sense that I would sit down and look through pictures, reminiscing about the calm relaxing week we recently had, enjoying 80 degree weather in January. Any excuse to procrastinate, right??

I'm always pretty grateful for LA winters when I hear about snow in other parts of the country, but especially now with this crazy blizzard and all the pictures I'm seeing all over social media of people sledding down giant hills in their front yard - which are actually their cars covered in snow - do I feel really lucky to live here. I'm just not cut out for snow. It's slippery. And cold. Brrrr!

So instead of sledding, or cross country skiing to the grocery store, here's how we've been soaking up this sunshine: 
A little traipse through the jungle (aka - our backyard)
Climbing stairs always makes Ez giggle. Silly boy.
Same with going downstairs. This was after watching a baseball game at the park.
Obligatory park action shot.
Ez + a stick to dig/hit things with = all a little boy needs in life
drumming on a fallen tree trunk with his trusty stick
Hamming it up for mom and dad.
Peek a....
I hope all my East Coast friends and family are staying warm and cozy, and perhaps even enjoying all this snow. If not, you can always come visit us! ;)

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  1. Your little one is such a cutie! We're having unseasonably warm temps this week here in Montana, but a few weeks ago we were having lots of snow and below zero temps! Just gotta enjoy good weather while it lasts. :)

  2. So jealous! In Utah we have had a really mild winter this year, but I still miss my Arizona winters that seem a lot like yours.

  3. How fun! Where are you from in so-cal? I am thinking about moving there in December! I need a wram climate change, like today!

  4. Wow! I can't imagine having a winter look that mild! That would be so awesome!

  5. I'm freezing in the snow here in Jersey haha I'm totally jealous. And those little ones are absolutely precious!

  6. that giant leaf peek a poo is awesome!! So fun! Love your weather and outside time! I like the snow for a bit then im over it. This was our first big storm so it was fun. About another week or two and I'll be over it haha!