Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's the Little Things: BFFs

Last night I took some adult-only time and had a girls' dinner with two of my best friends. I have no pictures to prove it because we spent the night completely absorbed in conversation instead of in selfie/social media mode - and truthfully it was pretty nice. As a blogger it's kinda ingrained to capture everything and document it on the blog, but sometimes the best way to capture a moment is to put the phone down and just actually be present in the moment. Novel idea - I know!

I've known these girls for 25 & 23 years respectively - crazy, right?? They were my sleep over buddies, we went to our first concerts together, we'd spend summers practically living at each other's houses, or wandering around the mall in our pre-car days (cause there wasn't much else to do in this town). I remember rolling on the ground laughing so hard over the stupidest things with them (and that wasn't even that long ago). Certain 90s albums immediately make me think of them (Alanis Morissette & Lit). Somewhere I have a shoe box filled with the notes we wrote each other every day in high school. Since those days there's been moves, kids, loss, a wedding, college, jobs, and life in general. Now I live a six hour drive away, but every time we get together we just pick back up where we left off. I love those girls like sisters.

And in case you were wondering what Ezzy was up to, he had a great time with the uncles and Gangy and Grampa. They watched a softball game at the park, watched cars driving by, played with blocks (aka - Ezzy threw them at the uncles), and Ezzy chased the uncles all over the house. Ezzy misses his daddy, but he's also having a great time soaking up all this extra attention.

I'm linking up with Ashley and Jess for their Little Things series!

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