Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Little Things: Cars & Shoulder Time

With all the heat lately, being outdoors between 10 am and 6 pm is pretty much off limits. I remember not minding the heat when I was little, and I'm pretty sure I would run around bare foot in 100 degree weather and have a great time. Sometime during my pregnancy my thinking shifted and I decided heat was awful, and it's one of those things that didn't go away post partum.

Now that Ezzy is walking, staying in the house all day is also not an option. So that leaves us searching for indoor spots with enough space for a toddler to run around. Our new go to spot? The mall. And Ezzy's favorite mall "attraction"? An Acura SUV on display in the food court (as part of a giveaway). From his perspective, a car indoors that he can touch is basically the same as spending a day at Disneyland. Here's a little video of him making his way round the car (once out of about a dozen times before we dragged him away):

Once the weather cools off enough in the evening, we've been taking nightly family walks. Our favorite route is to stop by Starbucks (about a mile away), then continue on to the park (probably another mile), and then, once Ezzy is sufficiently worn out, Joe carries him back home on his shoulders (aka - "shoulder time"). Here's a little video of an (apparently) hilarious Daddy/Ezzy convo on our way home last night. I especially love the end when Ezzy cracks up so hard he falls off Joe's shoulders. 

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  1. hahaha that video is SO sweet! love the giggles love the falling off. Family walks are the best!

    1. Lol, apparently Ezzy laughed so hard that he drooled all over Joe's head, which set off a chain reaction because Joe shook his head, which tickled Ezzy's belly, and that's when he lost it. Kids are hilarious :)