Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Recap: Dinosaurs and Cockroaches

With temps in the 90s/100s this weekend, we skipped our plans for a hike and headed to the Museum of Natural History, to check out their dinosaur exhibit. I'm not sure if it's because I have younger brothers, or because I'm used to having Dinosaur Train on in the background, but I find dinosaurs fascinating. Most of the T-Rex bones at the museum were found in Montana. It's crazy to think that they were roaming around so close to where we live, and that most of California was underwater back then.

I'm sure one day Ezzy will love dinosaurs too, but for now he mostly loved running all over the museum. Which had slippery tile floors and sharp corners everywhere. Now that Ezzy has started walking (and after one bloody face plant into a chair), Joe and I have suddenly developed stellar "corner radar" - and it turns out there are sharp corners everywhere

After the museum we took a quick stroll through the rose gardens and then went out to a vegan restaurant for lunch, followed by cupcakes. 
Top Right: Joe and I first visited these rose gardens 1 year before Ezzy was born. 

Sunday will forever go down in history as the day of the infamous battle of Nina vs. Cockroach. It turned out to be more of an hour long standoff than a battle, since no blood was shed. I may be exaggerating here, but I'm pretty sure one of the top irrational fears is having a bug crawl on you while you're sleeping. Well I woke up early Sunday morning because something was tickling my shoulder. I brushed it off in my sleep and opened my eyes just enough to see something scurry off the bed. Of course I jumped up, completely awake at that point and stood on the edge of the bed looking for whatever the culprit was. I didn't see anything, so I put on shoes and began cautiously poking around. Still nothing. I searched the room about three times, then convinced myself I must have dreamed it. I tried to go back to sleep on the couch. For some reason I decided to go do one more check of the bedroom, and as I opened my eyes and sat up I saw a cockroach sauntering through the hallway. By the way, Joe was at the gym, so it was just me and Ez at this point. I kept vigil on the edge of the couch, staring at the hallway for another sighting of my foe, for about half an hour. During this time, Ezzy woke up so I ran through the hallway to get him, which he thought was part of some fun game. I brought him out to the living room, and while he was playing on the floor, I see the cockroach walking straight toward him. I swept Ezzy up and ran to the front door and opened it. I'm not sure what my plan was. I guess I was willing to vacate the house and turn it over to the cockroach? (Even though I was still in my pjs.) The cockroach followed us, probably seeing the front door as his chance for freedom. I screamed and the cockroach scurried back to the living room. Eventually the cockroach sidled over to the door and walked out under the screen door. A few minutes later Joe got home, and I made him move furniture around and do a thorough search of the house, which thankfully didn't turn up any cockroaches. Joe disagrees, but I think the cockroach somehow got in through our open bedroom window, and then took a nice little Sunday stroll through our house. 

I have always been a wuss when it comes to large bugs in the house. Back when I had James I used to make him attack the bug, which he gladly did, as long as the bug was moving. Usually he wound up flipping the bug on its back and then losing interest, and I would wait for it to die (a slow, cruel death, I'm sure) and then sweep it outside. 

How do you deal with bugs?

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