Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's the Little Things: Hummingbirds & Moving Boxes

1. A giant hummingbird: I love hummingbirds. And I've never seen one on a carousel, so of course I made Ez ride it. He doesn't love or hate carousels. Well, actually, he loves to watch them from the sidelines, but he never looks impressed once he's actually on one (note him glancing at Joe in the picture below, signaling with his eyes that he wants to be rescued). That didn't stop me though. He's my ticket to doing little kid stuff, and we weren't missing out on this opportunity, even if we did have to race a 4 year old girl to get first dibs on the hummingbird. Sorry girl, better luck next time!

2. Strawberry shortcake on Summer nights: Ez is a huge fan, as you can tell by the adoring look on his face, and the fact that he's sitting and snuggling with me at all while he's awake. Normally if he's up, he's on the go, so that had to be some good stuff to get him to slow down for a few minutes.

3. Family park dates: Ezzy is just getting to the age where he likes climbing and crawling all over everything. He's also at the age where he's intrigued by other kids. He'll watch older kids running around and decide he can do that too, then take off after them, and then promptly fall. It's so cute to watch.

4. Ezzy exploring our new house: It melts mine and Joe's hearts to watch Ezzy running up and down the halls of our new house like he owns the place. Thankfully, he kinda does. Also, we've been slowly taking a few boxes at a time over to the new place (the perks of only moving a few miles away), and Ezzy saw his daddy carrying boxes so he picked up his empty diaper box and carried it out to the living room. Cutest.thing.ever

5. Scoping out patio furniture: because we have so much yard space, guys! I want hammocks and porch swings, and a tree house... Can you tell we are excited that Ezzy will grow up with a big yard to run around in?

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  1. Yay! Love seeing pics of the new house!

    1. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Once we're all moved in, there will be tons of before/after pics ;)