Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Teething or Terrible Twos?

Ezzy has been acting a little wonky lately. There are a lot of teething symptoms. Drooling. Chewing on his hands. And his toys. Basically, everything. Sleeping poorly. Rubbing his ears. However, we're still missing the main telltale symptom: new teeth. And this has been going on awhile. There's also been a ton more tears than usual. I've been finding myself asking how soon the terrible twos starts. I think someone mentioned to me that their son started their terrible twos at like 14 months, and ever since then Ezzy has been bursting into tears and throwing mini tantrums over the tiniest things.


  • I told him he can't push my glass of water off the table. (Well, he can. And he has. But I told him not to.)
  • He drank all his milk and I had to go to the fridge to get more.
  • I wouldn't let him play in the trash can.
  • I picked up all his snacks that he'd scattered on the floor.
So basically any time I tell him no he flails his arms and throws his head back and starts crying. Sigh. Are we really here already? I know he's just communicating the best way he knows how, and learning boundaries and all that, but I thought the tantrums wouldn't really start for a few more months. Or maybe terrible twos is much worse and one day I'll look back at this and laugh at my rookie mistake?

I don't want to paint a picture like Ezzy is just crying all day long. He usually gets over his tantrums quickly, and he's pretty smiley and happy most of the time. But this is definitely new territory for us.

Does this sound like terrible twos to anybody else? When did you kids start (and stop) the terrible twos?

See? Already back to my sweet, smiling Ez.


  1. Aww, could be teeth or just a little phase. Sometime Elin will have a couple days where she throws frequent fits and is just not very good and then it's over and the next weeks are better. I dont know if that is normal but sometimes I think some weeks the growing pains are kicking in and it throws them off.

    1. That's a good point, Joe was just commenting that Ezzy seems taller because he doesn't have to bend down so much to hold his hand, so maybe growing pains do have something to do with it. Also, we finally see two teeth coming in! So I guess he's had good reason for being moody.