Friday, December 19, 2014

Baby #2 Bump Update: 13 Weeks

With Ez I started taking "bump" pics as early as 7 weeks. Obviously there was no bump yet, but clearly I'm slacking a little on this pregnancy. Sorry baby #2! I blame it on my denial that I do indeed have a bump, instead of just a "holiday belly." The other night Joe had his hand on my belly and he was asking how far along I am, and then he asked if it's normal to already have a bump. In case anyone reading this knows somebody else that's pregnant right now, you should probably add that to your "things never to say to a pregnant lady" list. But, sadly, he's right, I do have a belly. I wore a regular pair of jeans last week, and the jeans don't lie. I could not get those things off fast enough when I got home. We are definitely in the elastic waistband stage of pregnancy now.  

One important thing I learned from pregnancy #1: I will not be keeping track of my weight on the blog. Cause that's no fun. And I will mysteriously "forget" to include those updates halfway through, so why even start?

Symptoms have been pretty mild. Still have the itchy, dry skin. And the never-ending hunger. No more real food aversions though, so I'm back to cooking dinner and eating veggies which is nice. I've been getting back into the habit of working out too. With Ez I had a pedometer and made a point to walk 10,000 steps a day. My pedometer needs a new battery, but I have been walking at an incline on the treadmill, and walking Ez to Starbucks and the park a few times a week. Plus, I think Christmas shopping counts as cardio. Am I right?? One thing I forget to mention in my last pregnancy post is that I absolutely hate bras when I'm pregnant. Like pretty much from the instant I become pregnant I feel like I can't breathe if there's anything against my rib cage. This happened with Ez too. As soon as I would get to work, the bra would get unhooked. Super professional, I know. I had to upgrade to size 40 bras, so they just kind of hang there with minimal contact. Sorry if that's tmi. 

Things I'm loving: still eating eggs and oj every morning. Handfuls of mixed nuts, cuties, hummus, hard boiled eggs, and chocolate are my go-to snacks. One day last week I had to have cream of wheat with butter and sugar, which I hadn't eaten since I was like four. I'm sure the box will sit there untouched for the next year or so. When I was pregnant with Ez I got a craving for peppermint ice cream in January, and of course there was none to be found, so I bought a carton this time, just in case. I think Ez and I have shared one bowl in the last week or two. Also, a Santa Fe panini from a local cafe always hits the spot. It has fake turkey, black bean spread, sundried tomatoes, corn, romaine, and this spicy chipotle dipping sauce. So good! Mexican food/taco bell will forever be my pregnancy faves. 

Things I'm hating: No real aversions right now. Coffee is ok in small doses, same with iced tea. Ice cold water is my favorite drink though. Also, it'd be nice if I could indulge in a holiday glass of wine or beer, but that'll wait till next year. 

Baby updates: I swear I felt a kick last night. It was very pronounced, but there was only one, and it wasn't the little flutters that I would expect to feel at this stage. Also, nothing since. Maybe it was psychosomatic (or however you spell that). We had a doctor's appointment today with the specialist/3D ultrasound doc. The same doctor was able to tell us Ez was a boy at 13 weeks, so we were a little hopeful going into the appointment. Apparently Ez was flaunting his package, and this baby was a little more modest. The doctor didn't spend too much time looking today, so no gender reveal yet. We did get a pic though:

And here's a little comparison of me pregnant with Ez at 14 weeks. I think I have more of a bump now, but I had a post-surgery lower belly pooch then (You can read the full bump update here):


  1. Perhaps it wasn't a phantom kick. The first movements I felt this time around (12-13 weeks) didn't feel like the little "flutters" I felt with Lily. They were definitely more pronounced. Only a few here or there and then, of course, they got stronger and more frequent. You're looking great mama!

  2. Yay!!! You look great! You always show more the second time around;) No worries!

  3. You look wonderful! I may have more of a tummy than you do! And I hated bras the first time around but it was better the second time. I used lots of those genie bras or gap comfort bras and it was waaaay better!

  4. With each pregnancy I have "popped" faster... it's just one of those things. :) Totally agree that there are certain things you NEVER. SAY. to a pregnant woman.

  5. Christmas anything counts as cardio man, including baking. I am exhausted and was sweating to death all day long making some goodies to send to family. And since I sent it off and ONLY snuck like 7 gummie bears and 1 cookie...I'm basically winning at life.
    lol, Joe Joe Joe...definitely not something you ask ha. I love a baby bump, even the ones that are like hm did she just totally binge on some fries for lunch. I hate bras always. Actually my one and only bra since post-Aria boobage spit out it's wire and now I have half flop boob. My life is just so dang glamorous, don't be jealous.

  6. Finding out at 13 weeks what we were having would have been bad bad bad for our checkbook!