Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Decorations

We got our tree over the weekend and Ez and I both love sitting as close as possible to it each night. We're both pretty mesmerized by the lights. We don't have a ton of Christmas decorations because of storage issues, and also because our house lacks a lot of traditional spots to put decorations, like a mantel or stair banister, so we stick with the basics: ornaments, stockings, and a mini tree that is in Ez's room this year. All I really care about is the fresh tree smell that fills up our living room. As long as it smells like pine in the house, then it feels like Christmas to me. 

Here's a mini-tour of our Christmas decorations:
Ez helping decorate.
Ez being decorated.
Ez's decoration tactic: pile all the ornaments on the same branch.
Our stockings (Dad, Ez, Mom)
Ez's Christmas bookshelf.
A lil throwback: Ez was just as mesmerized by the tree at 6 months as he is this year.
Ez staring at the star on top this year.
And here's a little video of Ez putting the first ornament on the tree:

Linking up with Courtney, Jenny, and Beth today! Go check out everyone else's fun holiday decorations:

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  1. I love your tree! Don't you love this magical season?

  2. Your stocking "wall" is just the perfect little set up and your stockings are great! I love just the initials too! The gold tree for Ez is so fun on his Christmas shelf and I love how into the tree he is! Thanks for linking up with us today!

  3. That fresh pine smell is so hard to beat, I do really miss that about my fake tree, and it just can't be duplicated. So much fun, it looks great. Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. Whatever makes it Christmas for you is the perfect amount of stuff =) I agree with stockings as a must! I have a pine candle and it kind of makes me want to die, no where near the good stuff.