Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Day

Ez in the beginnings of a Christmas Toy Daze
I hope you all had a lovely family-filled Christmas! We definitely did, and once Christmas week arrived it flew by in a flash. I seriously can't believe tomorrow is 2015. I'm sure I'll still be writing 2014 well into March ;)

Our Christmas day was a little more mellow than Christmas Eve. We didn't have to spend half the day traveling, and technically we didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn, but Ez decided to anyway. I guess that's just a Christmas tradition with kids. We started the day around 6 am with breakfast #1 at our hotel:

We were actually fans of the hotel breakfast. Hot eggs and biscuits every day, yum! Afterward we opened our stockings in the hotel room. 

Ez got a baby doll because I thought maybe that could help explain the whole baby sibling on the way thing. Unfortunately they already have a love/hate relationship. Snuggles, then pushing the baby face down onto the bed. Maybe he's trying to explain the sibling relationship to me? Anyway, we'll keep working on that one.

Lakers Santa for Joe

After stockings we went to my parents' house where we ate breakfast #2: eggnog french toast, cinnamon rolls, and a zucchini egg bake. So delicious. 

After all that food it was onto opening the mounds and mounds of presents, mostly all for Ez. To say that boy got spoiled this Christmas is the understatement of the year. Actually, we were all pretty spoiled - thanks Mom!

In the spirit of Christmas, Ez did try to share all his gifts with Grampa. Since he was wearing the Santa pjs, he was in charge of present distribution, and he tried to give every single gift under the tree to Grampa. And then he would stand there excitedly waiting for the applause he knew Grampa would give him. It was pretty cute.

Here's Gangy trying to reach for her gfit, which he has decided belongs to Grampa instead.

After presents we went out to "dinner" with my grandma and aunt. I say dinner tentatively because, it was only 2:30. So if you're keeping track, we're already on meal #3 before 3:00 pm. And that doesn't count the Christmas cookies and See's candies I've already consumed. I guess it's just not Christmas unless there's plenty of food and sweets involved.

One of my favorite Christmas memories was Ez leading a round of applause for himself for something silly, like opening a present. He just stood in the center of the room and then went around facing each person and clapping until the whole room was clapping. It was too funny. We didn't get any video that day, but here he is later that week trying to recreate the moment:

And heaven forbid that you don't clap on command, cause then this happens:

Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. There is just too much cute happening in this blog post! Happy Holidays! Looks like you guys had a great one! =)

  2. i feel like Christmas week flew by too!! love those stockings!!

  3. IS HE NOT ADORABLE OR WHAT??!!? Those cheeks!!!!!! That hair!!!! Gimmie gimmie!!! Happy New Year!

  4. Okay, I totally love hot hotel breakfasts too. :) And that zucchini egg bake looks so tasty! When I was pregnant with my second we bought my son a baby doll too, but it wasn't a toy, we only let him hold it when mommy or daddy were there, and we taught him the proper way to hold it, and that he had to be soft with the baby, etc. It actually worked really well!

  5. So many smiles! The most important thing about Christmas is to see the kiddos light up!

  6. Looks like you had a so much fun. I got my older son a baby doll too, but not because of a new sibling, it was because he was always taking the doll away from a little girl I watched. So I wanted him to have his own. I don't see any problems with boys having dolls, it just means they'll be better daddies right?