Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Secret Santa Book Exchange

Today's the big day!
The Chronicles of We
Ez and I both love books, so we were excited to shop for Elizabeth and Mason over at Chasin' Mason. Hop on over to check out their goodies.

I saved our package for after our tree was decorated (and during the ten minutes our house was straightened up and clean). It just seems more Christmas-y to open presents in front of a tree. Ez doesn't really understand the concept of mail, but when I asked if he wanted to help me open the package he sat right down next to me to see what the excitement was all about. 

He peeked inside and immediately started digging in so that he could examine the contents more closely.

Our Secret Santas were Sara, Mac, and Mim over at Running from the Law. The first book Ez pulled out was mine: This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper. It kept showing up on my GoodReads recommendations, and I figured any book made into a movie starring Tina Fey is worth a read. Can't wait to crack it open!

Sara, Mac, and Mim picked out the absolute best book for Ez: Little Blue Truck's Christmas. If you'll notice, the pictures get a little blurry from this point on because Ez could not contain his excitement and wanted to immediately start reading about Little Blue. I have to admit, this is one of the few book series that Ez and I both enjoy. No offense, Eric Carle, but I'm pretty sure reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See on repeat classifies as some kind of torture/interrogation technique. Little Blue Truck has fun animal sounds, it rhymes, there's an actual plot, and, of course, most importantly, there's a truck! Win/win for everyone. And this particular version has a Christmas tree with actual twinkly lights on the last page. Ez seriously can't get enough. Thank you so much Sara, Mac, and Mim! We both love our books!

Oh, and did I mention they also sent chocolate? Pregnant or not, chocolate is always the way to my heart :)
Sorry bout the blur, trying to snap a shot before a toddler grabs everything is no easy feat. I'm sure you all know!
Thank you Courtney, Jenny, and Elizabeth for thinking up and organizing this great exchange. We had a ton of fun participating!


  1. So glad you guys liked the books! And the chocolate! Congrats, by the way!! So exciting!!

  2. so glad you joined us what great books! I love the blue truck books and it's under the tree for Callie to open this wknd!

  3. I'm glad both of you like little blue! We enjoyed reading one of the other versions, but I bet Aria would be won over by the twinkle lights! Cute that Ez was ready to investigate and then got excited, like hey this is pretty good!!
    I hope you enjoy your book too, sounds like it will be a good one.

    Thanks for joining in on the exchange!!