Friday, December 5, 2014

Here We Go Again!

Another baby Craig is on the way!

Right now my due date is late June/early July. So far they've changed our due date each time we've gone to the doctor, so I'm not entirely sure how far along I am. One thing that is fairly certain is that we'll have another Cancer in the house, bringing the tally up to 3 - sorry, Ez! 

I found out I was pregnant with a home pregnancy test in mid-October, and I let Joe know by leaving the test (in a ziplock bag) next to his dinner. He just sat down at the table and kept talking, not noticing the test for a few minutes. Then he actually moved it out of the way so he could start eating. And then he finally realized what was going on. It was so hard not to laugh or give it away while I was waiting for him to see the test.

We were both kind of in disbelief for awhile after that. I didn't want to get my hopes up too much until we actually saw the baby on an ultrasound, because I was worried it could be another ectopic pregnancy. We saw the doctor on Halloween, and thankfully everything was exactly where it's supposed to be, and that's when things finally sank in a bit more. 

This pregnancy is so different because I don't really have much time to think about being pregnant. I haven't taken a single baby bump picture. And since I've already done it once, I'm not constantly on Baby Center to determine what stage of development the baby is in, and what comparative fruit size it is this week. I just know he/she's in there and is growing and healthy, which is all that really matters. 

Right after we went to the doctor, when I was about 5 or 6 weeks pregnant, I suddenly got hit with nausea, which lasted almost exactly one week, and greatly contributed to my anxiety about flying cross country with Ez. Thankfully, the nausea went away for the most part the day of my flight, and it hasn't really come back full force since.

I think everyone's (all the grandparents and Joe) hoping for a girl this time around, but I honestly think I'm having another boy. Mostly because my symptoms are so similar to when I was pregnant with Ez: short-term nausea but no vomiting, my leg hair grows like crazy, my skin is super dry and itchy, and I want Mexican food all the time. Joe thinks I'm moodier, but I think that's just because my patience gets spread between him and Ez now, instead of just him. Also, I was much more tired when I was pregnant with Ez. I napped all the time. This time around I only napped once when I was feeling really sick. I think I've just grown used to sleeping less since I've had Ez.

Things I currently love: eggs, orange juice, english muffins, nachos, burritos, peppermint Jojo's (from Trader Joes), cinnamon rolls, pie.

Things I can't stand now that I'm pregnant: coffee - almost as soon as I became pregnant, the though of coffee repulsed me and I quit cold turkey for about a month. It's starting to seem appealing again. Iced tea, which I normally love, and am slowly starting to like again. Gilmore Girls - I binge watched it while I was feeling sick, and now I associate it with feeling sick. Sad, I know.

I told my dad, stepmom, and all the aunts the big news while I was visiting back East in early November. Then we told my mom, stepdad, Joe's mom, and stepdad, and the uncles on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I put Ez's "I'm gonna be a big brother" shirt on, sent him out into the living room, and instead of standing still he ran straight past everyone into the kitchen. Somehow both grandmas still managed to glimpse the shirt. Obviously everyone is super excited :)

Ez will be just over 2 when his sibling is born, and I really hope he has an understanding of what's going on by that time. Right now I think he's too young to understand, although we do talk to him about it.

And here are some outtakes that show just how thrilled Ez is to be a big sibling (and to have his picture taken):

It was around this point that photographer reinforcements were sent in for the "scowling baby"


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That is so ding dang exciting! Congrats! Sorry about the coffee and leg hair (lol) though.

  2. This is so cute! Congratulations again!

  3. Sweetest thing ever and congrats on another baby!!!! I remembered going through this phase where I ate breakfast tacos for every meal for almost a week. And I normally love avocados but could not stand the texture during my 1st trimester. haha So happy for you!

  4. You know I'm just thrilled for this news!!!!!! You're so right about not having time to even realize you're pregnant most of the time. I was on baby center daily with Lily and knew down to the day how far along. Now, when people ask, I honestly don't know most times! Crazy right? Cheers to you sweet friend!

  5. I can't believe he moved the test/baggie and then noticed. I would have just lost it then.
    Congratulations on expanding your family. We are all Scorpions so that's fun.

  6. Congratulations!! I love the pictures. And I funny that he moved it out of his way before realizing what it was. :)

  7. Awww, congratulations! My first and second are exactly two years and one day apart and they are SUCH good friends! My second and third are 20 months apart and they both adore her! It's so fun (but exhausting!!) having them close in age!

  8. Oh my word!!! What wonderful news! Congrats sweet friend!!! Prayers for health and happiness!

  9. Congratulations!!!!! So exciting!
    And such a funny story of how you told your husband. I would have busted out laughing and been like "dude, don't you see it?!?!" LOL