Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Disneyland at Christmas Time

Aka - the post of a thousand pictures. Sorry in advance, but Disneyland is too pretty and merry when it's all done up for Christmas. Snow, Santa, lights, fireworks, cinnamon rolls, festive characters, Christmas carols, the tallest trees imaginable...I couldn't resist taking a million pictures.  We go every December for Larry/Grampa's birthday, and it's my favorite time of year to go. I promise I narrowed it down to just my favorite 50 or so ;)
Ez's classic "fireworks" face - so serious, but intrigued at the same time.
Word on the street is Ez and Tigger actually shared a dance...
and he high-fived Winnie! Quite the change from our brunch at Goofy's Kitchen.
Ez was a little suspicious of Santa, but he didn't cry.
Rare alone time for the parents! 
Did I mention that we happened to go to Disneyland on 1 of the 5 days it rains in So Cal?
We didn't let a little rain spoil our fun though.
Ez and the grandparents while the parents got to go on a few rides.
It's not a Disneyland trip without a giant cinnamon roll.
Despite the serious face, I hear Ez really liked his ride on the cable car.
The grandparents took Ez on Dumbo, and I hear he liked that as well.
See? Tallest trees imaginable.
Ez was absolutely mesmerized by the lights on Small World. (Me too.)
Ez was serious but intrigued during Small World - notice a trend here?
Game faces on! Joe won (Toy Story Mania), but I had a better accuracy score...so basically I won!
Ez has a bunch of mini Cars figurines, so he was pretty excited to see Lightning McQueen.

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  1. The more Disney pictures the better in my book! My posts would probably be impossible to read if I didn't video our trips which distracts me from taking all the pictures. I love the Small World...ours doesn't do that. I don't think ha. Not like that anyways. Is that the outside of the ride? So purty!

  2. Oh my goodness. Disney at Christmas is THE BEST! This post made my heart swoon a little bit. I am wanting to go back SO BAD!!!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. This kid has the cutest expressions@ He cracks me up. Still haven't taken my girls to disney… soon…… :-)

  4. How fun!!!!! I am so jealous!!!!

  5. That looks like so much fun! When Annabelle is older we hope to go to Disney as well. :) Thanks for linking up!