Friday, December 12, 2014

19 Months

The many faces of Ez.
Ez at: 1 week, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 16 month, 19 months
It's been awhile since I've posted a monthly update for Ez, mostly because the months are flying by super fast and by the time I realize he's another month older, we're already two weeks late for an update. But tomorrow my "baby" will be 19 months, and looking back at these pictures I can't believe how different he looks from when he was an actual baby. First off, that hair. Somewhere in the last three months he grew these wild curls that I don't even bother to try to tame. And I'm scared to cut them, because so many people say their kids' curls never grew back after the first cut, and that just makes me sad. Also, the gap teeth. If possible they make his smile even cuter than when he was all gums. Also, the sassy attitude, which you can somewhat make out in the first collage, has been slowly developing for awhile now, but I have a feeling we haven't reached the peak yet. That boy can roll his eyes like no other. How a 1.5 year old gets so cynical, I really don't know. And his trademark "serious look" always gets comments from strangers. Yep, that's my little 40 year old toddler.

Words: The words are slowly starting to come. Mom, dad, and most recently Ezra (while he points at his head) are the most recognizable words. "Ezra" is actually pretty impressive, because it's two syllables, and because a lot of adults have trouble saying it. Also, lots of the animals from Eric Carle's books: bear, deer, duck. Ball is his original word, and he's been saying that for months. I think he says ear too, or maybe eye. He switches up which one he's pointing to when he says it, so apparently they're interchangeable to him.

Likes: Honestly, his basic favorites haven't changed too much in the last year or so. Cars (toy cars, watching cars driving, seeing car commercials...he loves em all!), kicking his soccer ball, throwing (everything, but we try to limit it to balls), trains, slides, Gymboree, splashing in the bath. He loves when we ask him a question (like: Where is the yellow duck in a book) and he gets it right, and then has to look around the room to make sure everyone there is giving him sufficient praise. If not, he's more than happy to point it out again. More recently he has started liking cartoons. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is his hands down fave, followed by Chuggington. Doc McStuffins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates can hold his attention sometimes. The Christmas tree is a current seasonal fave, along with pulling off a select few favorite ornaments. 

Dislikes: diaper changes (even though I always tell him he's getting the best end of the deal, and I'm doing the hard part), getting dressed, getting out of the bathtub, not getting enough attention. Pretty much all of his meltdowns can be attributed to being: tired, hungry, thirsty, in need of attention, or getting frustrated because he wants something that he can't communicate. 

Food: Ez loves all fruits. If there's fruit on the table, he won't touch anything else. Current faves are cuties and bananas. Other than that, he likes basic toddler faves: pb&j, veggie "chicken" nuggets, veggie corn dogs, quesadillas. He went through a little tomato phase, which is the first veggie that he's just eaten raw in large quantities. I think he originally thought it was watermelon. He also likes yogurt and those Plum Organics super smoothie pouches. They've got beans, veggies, and fruits, and are actually pretty tasty.

Ez - you're my sidekick and my helper. You love helping with the laundry, as well as with loading  the dishwasher (and unloading and scattering the dishes on the floor). You pick up on things super fast. Like when you rifled through my purse, found my keys, and tried to unlock the door. Or when we ask you where the airplane is (in a book) and you point toward the sky. Silly us. We should've known that! These days we don't always see eye to eye, but that's usually nothing that a good nap can't fix. You crack me and your daddy up everyday. From your expressions to your chatterbox tendencies to your excited squeals when someone agrees to read your favorite book for the 30th time. You're a little snugglebug, and I really hope you never grow out of that. We love you so much Ez, you make everyday special and meaningful in a way that we never could have imagined two years ago. We can't wait to see what new changes and developments the next few months will bring!


  1. I laughed at the comment about how he dislikes not getting attention.. I guess that's a 19 month old thing;) Such a cutie!! Savanna will be 19 months the week of Christmas so our babes aren't far apart!

  2. Happy 19th!!!! Love the looking up for the plane thing, ha. Something Aria would do. She just did something similar the other day but naturally I cannot think of what it was. Awesome that he is a snugglebug too, I hope he stays that way!

  3. Happy Birthday cutie! Yay for more words and helping! He seems like such a happy kid!

  4. Wow, I can't believe how much he has grown up in the past few months! Love his curls.