Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Mustache You

I am notoriously bad at answering questionnaires. I always mean to, and I love reading other blogger's answers, but I'm usually disorganized and forget about them. But not this time! I was nominated by my sweet blogger friend Sarita over at It's My Girls' World. Go check out all her fun family posts, yummy recipes, and tons of pictures of her adorable girls!

Four names that people call me, other than my real name.
Joe has a thing about nicknames. He gives them to everyone. And then the nicknames morph over time and eventually we can't remember why we started calling each other whatever the nickname of the moment is. Everyone else just calls me Nina, because it's already pretty short and simple.
  • Blank. That's what we started calling each other when we worked together and didn't want to use real pet names.
  • Peenz. This one I don't exactly remember, but I think it went from Nina, to Pina (possibly because I like pineapple), to peenz. 
  • Frank. Which is a combo of frickin' blank. Said lovingly, of course ;)
  • Mamamama - Ez likes to add a few extra "mas" in there sometimes. It's the cutest.

Four jobs that I have had:
  • Marketing at a travel company. This is the job where I met Joe.
  • Cashier at Barnes & Noble during college. Definitely the most fun I've ever had at a job.
  • Writing assistant for a tax attorney while I was finishing up my last semester at college. My boss was a wacko. And a felon. He got arrested at work by the federal government once. He left all his cash with us, so the whole office went out for lunch and drinks on him. It actually was a pretty fun day. And good bonding for the co-workers. Definitely the craziest job I've ever had.
  • My first job ever was at McDonalds during high school. It was my last resort, but nobody else called me back and they hired me on the spot. It turned out to be a lot of fun.

Four movies I have watched more than once:
I'm actually just gonna cheat a little and leave 1 of Sarita's answers, cause I love this movies as well.
  • Gone With the Wind - So classic. I just made Joe watch it for the first time. He liked it up till the ending, but I think the ending is perfect.
  • Love Actually (one of Sarita's) - I have to watch this every December. It makes me cry every time, but it's so so soooo good. I think it's hard to tie in a bunch of story lines like that, and Love Actually does it so well. I want to watch it again right now.
  • When Harry Met Sally - This is my fall movie. Some of the best, most classic script writing ever.
  • How to Make an American Quilt - nobody has ever heard of this movie even though it has a ton of famous people in it (Winona Ryder, Claire Danes, Jared Leto, Maya Angelou, Anne Bancroft...). It's my favorite and I watch it every summer. This is one of the few movies that is better than the book, although I like the book too.

Four places I have lived:
  • Modesto, CA - where I grew up. 
  • Irvine, CA - where I went to college.
  • Tracy, CA - where I was born.
  • The infamous Inglewood, CA - definitely the worst place I've ever lived, and glad to have moved on since then.

Four places I have been:
As far as traveling goes, I'm really boring and haven't ever been outside of North America
  • British Colombia, Canada - twice. It's beautiful up there.
  • Maine - Several times, to visit my dad's side of the family. I never go when it's snowy, because snow isn't my thing, but it's beautiful the rest of the year. 
  • Hawaii - a couple of times, but K'auai while I was six months pregnant was the best vacation ever!
  • Florida - one of my sisters was there for work, and my dad and one other sister flew out to visit. We went to Disney World Animal Kingdom one day. Other than that, I think we just stuck to the pool. It was summer so it was way too hot and humid for me.

Four places I would rather be right now:
I'm actually good where I'm at right now, but here are 4 places I want to visit someday:
  • Italy 
  • France
  • Germany - to visit my sister!
  • Spain. So basically I just really want to travel Europe.

Four things I won't eat:
  • Beef. This was actually Sarita's answer too, but I'm pescatarian, so no beef, no poultry, no pork...
  • Shrimp. I just don't like it. It took a long time for me to get over the texture and eat it, and then when I was pregnant with Ez I decided it was gross again, and haven't eaten it since.
  • Raw broccoli or cauliflower. Ick.
  • It's weird, because I really like chocolate, but I don't like chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake that much. Especially not chocolate ice cream.

Four of my favorite foods:
Well, I'm pregnant, so this changes daily, but here's the current list: 
  • Nachos/Mexican food
  • Macarons - especially the almond flavor
  • Salmon/fish
  • Eggs
Four TV shows that I watch:
  • Walking Dead
  • Bachelor
  • Amazing Race
  • Umm...Doc McStuffins? I watch way more Disney Jr. than actual adult shows right now :-/

Four things that I am looking forward to this year:
Since this year's pretty much over, I'm including 2015 as well
  • Meeting baby #2!
  • Finding out baby #2's gender. 
  • Christmas! And visiting Modesto. 
  • Possibly another East Coast trip in spring.

Four things I am always saying:
Joe probably has a whole list, but I'm blanking...
  • Food goes on your plate or in your mouth, not on the floor. 
  • No throwing. Hand it gently, please.
  • Joe says I ask Ez a lot of rhetorical questions that begin with "Who" - "Who's got the cold feet?" "Who's my best helper?" etc.
  • I'm trying to get out of the habit of calling Ez the cutest baby, or smartest, sweetest, best, etc. So instead, I've started calling him "The cutest Ez in the world."  

Four (awesome) people I ask to join along in the Q&A's
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  1. Thanks for the nom! Loved learning more about you! I'd love to hear more about this pescatarian journey...you know how it started and how difficult it was when you started. Also, I'm the opposite with chocolate. Hate chocolate pieces but love chocolate flavored items...sometimes.

  2. Very interesting facts! I find it so interesting you don't like chocolate ice cream or cake!

  3. I'm with you I am ALWAYS forgetting to do these things. I think I have a handful of noms now. I keep bookmarking them and right out of the mind again. um maybe in the new year...ha. I just got really tired. I need a nap. Or a sleep. Too bad you can't spontaneous nap anymore. um I love all the nicknames that is so funny. I do nicknames too. I call Chris Pherty because of the pher party of Christopher, Aria has actually called him that a few times. I call Baxter smeagle because it goes with beagle and LOTR. Loki usually gets called kitty but I use to call him nia all the time which was the short version of loki-nia that I made up for him ha. Chris told me I wasn't allowed to make up nicknames for Aria but I call her bubba. It just stuck, and Chris thinks it couldn't be any worse of a nickname. She gets called bubs too.

  4. Love it! My husband is pescetariaN too so we barely eat any meat! Such fun answers!

  5. What fun questions! And I love How To Make an American Quilt! I have seen it several times!

  6. I have this exact post scheduled for tomorrow.
    And I can't love you anymore for including Gone With The Wind in a favorite. It's my number one movie of all time.

  7. I totally suck at those things too;) But you did awesome! I'm really not a very traveled person either haha, but Italy. How how amazing that would be!

  8. How exciting for #2 to come along! The things we say when we have babies/toddlers sound funny when you take them out of context.

  9. I always like reading fun facts about bloggers! It's a great way to get to know you. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love the names! My Daughter calls me MamaMama too at times. I think B&N would've been a fun job! Or at the travel agency.. That was probably fun :)