Monday, December 1, 2014

Our Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was exactly what you want from the holiday: family, food comas, and stretchy pants (or stretchy skirts, in my case). It was sunny and in the 80s on Thursday, so after I baked a pecan pie, we started the morning off with a walk around a park. Ez had been up since before the sun that morning, so he was more in a "carry me" mood than a "run off energy" mood. Since it was kinda hot, we just did one short lap and went back home. Ez fell asleep in the car, and while he was napping I started my Thanksgiving contribution: a vegetarian wellington stuffed with chickpeas, pecans, and mushrooms, all wrapped up in puff pastry. It was delicious, and it vanished right away. I'll do a separate post with my favorite Thanksgiving recipes later, because I found a few new winners this year that I want to remember for next year.

We ate dinner at Joe's uncle's house, which was packed with family and friends. Joe's mom and grandma were there, along with his cousin and her son, Logan, who is two years older than Ezzy. After dinner everyone gathered in the living room to chat, watch football, and play cars with Ez and Logan. It was a lot of fun up until the point that Ez and Logan got in a toy dispute and Ez threw a car directly at Logan's forehead. Joe and I felt so bad. And Ez seemed scared, because usually when he throws stuff at adults, we don't start wailing, so I think he may have finally got the point that it hurts to have stuff thrown at you. I tried to have him "say" sorry and give Logan a hug, but he just ran away scared. We decided that was a good time to call it a night. 

On Friday Joe and I braved Toys R Us to pick up a new carseat for Ez, and then we spent the rest of the afternoon cooking, cleaning, and watching the first half of Gone with the Wind, which Joe has never seen. The reason for all the cooking was that we did a second Thanksgiving for the grandparents at our place that evening. A fully vegetarian Thanksgiving. I was too busy/tired by the end of dinner to get many pictures, but we had a ton of food, and Ez loved every second of having two sets of grandparents doting on him. 

Thanksgiving Day Walk:

Thanksgiving Evening at Joe' Uncle's:
Vegetarian Wellington
Friday Thanksgiving (Round 2):
Ez "sharing" his food pouches with Gangy & Grampa. Gangy wasn't a fan, if you couldn't tell.

Ez's 1st Real Thanksgiving Meal: (which he ate approximately two bites of)

Our Vegetarian Thanksgiving Spread: Tofurkey, Corn Casserole, Mac n Cheese, Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, Mashed Potatoes, Rolls, and lots of pie:

Hope you had a great family-filled Thanksgiving as well!

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  1. What a full exciting weekend! And an all vegetarian thanksgiving! I tried tofurkey already, it's not half bad!