Monday, October 13, 2014

Our Disney Weekend: aka Ez Hates Giant Rodents

Halloween Time at Disney is one of my favorite times to go. Disney makes holidays extra magical. I've never been to Mickey's Halloween Party before, but my mom was going with some friends and bought tickets for Ez and me. Basically Disney shuts the park down at 7 pm, and sets up treat stations all over the park (aka - long lines with 5 or 6 stations handing out candy or healthy treats - apples/carrots/crackers). We went through about 3 stations and filled up a small bag of candy, which was more than enough for us. Ez had his first milky way ever and broke into this spontaneous dance:

That should've been a sign that we were in for a looong night. Ez + sugar + Disney excitement don't make for a great night of sleep. He took a 2 hour stroller nap after the fireworks show and woke up right as we were getting back to the car. Then he was up bouncing around, chattering to himself, kicking me and Joe in the head and climbing all over us when I tried to bring him to bed with us, until 5 in the morning. Let's just say he hasn't touched that Halloween candy since.

While Ez was stroller napping my mom and I walked around checking out the decorations and people's costumes. There were some amazing costumes. The ones that stood out the most to me were Edward Scissorhands & Jack Sparrow (both Johnny Depp characters...hmm...). The Jack Sparrow was even talking in a perfect Jack Sparrow accent. My mom had to stop, double back, and get a second look (right in his face) to make sure it wasn't really Johnny Depp. We decided he was too young and too tall, but otherwise it was a tough call.

I also rode the Haunted Mansion ride. Every time I come to Disneyland, if I'm only going to ride one ride, it's always the Haunted Mansion. I love it, it always puts me in the holiday mood. 

The whole night was so much fun. I think Ez's favorite parts were standing in line for the Jungle Cruise, where he kept pointing out the boats over and over. The actual ride didn't quite live up to his expectations, though I'll admit we didn't get the best narrator (or whatever they're called). He just kept saying "spoooooky!" over and over, and all his jokes were lame. Ez also loved the treat line by autopia, and his face was plastered to the fence, staring at the cars driving past. His costume was a big hit. Everywhere we walked we'd hear, "Aw, look at the little batman!" Something about a toddler in a cape is pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

Sunday afternoon we met my mom and friends at Goofy's Kitchen for brunch. First things first, we started with the picture below. Joe said Ez stiffened up and just stared at Goofy on high alert. Thankfully he saved his waterworks for after the picture (priorities!), but it's safe to say that Ez is not a fan of over-sized animals.

Historically this a normal reaction for Ez. Back in 2013 (Ez's 1st Disney trip) he was NOT a fan of Chip & Dale. The giant rodents seem to be especially terrifying to him:

On Minnie's second visit to our table, she learned her lesson and snuck around behind Ez so we could get a picture of them "together" without him crying in fear. You can see in the second picture that Ez got suspicious and started looking around. When he finally did see Minnie he nearly leapt across the table. Poor kid. 

Here's my mom and I making fools of ourselves to cheer him up. (Hey, whatever works.)

After brunch Ez, my mom, and Joe ran off some energy while I snapped pics. Then my mom had to head home, and Ez took a super long nap while Joe and I worked on some house projects. (Hint: another painting makeover project coming soon!)

Hope you had a fun & festive weekend too!


  1. Such a fun and festive weekend! Lily loved the video of munchkin dancing. She kept asking to watch it again. Happy Monday!

  2. Looks so fun at Disney this time of year! I can't wait to take Elin someday!

  3. Yay!!! Disney!!! Candy is very demonic in a kid. I love the baby dance though. The haunted mansion is totally my fave. Too bad Ez isn't too into the rides, oooor the characters haha. One day!