Monday, October 6, 2014

Our Weekend: Runny Noses & Playgrounds

I know the title of this post sounds a bit like a bummer, but any weekend that starts like this:

and ends like this:

is pretty much a win in my book. 

However, if we go back to Friday, Ez and I got to spend a really fun 100 minutes or so (but who's counting?) at the doctor's office, listening to a little girl's squeaky dog-toy-sounding shoes run back and forth across the room (seriously, who invented those???). The squeaky shoe serenade was also punctuated with lots of wailing coming from the exam room. So you can imagine that by the time it was finally Ez's turn to head into the exam room, he and I were both a little shell shocked. He started wailing during the physical exam, and that's the easy part! By the time he got his shots he was screaming bloody murder. When we were finished and walked back out into the waiting room everyone commented that they could hear him and how sad it was. I always feel like I need chocolate or any form of comfort food after I leave these appointments. And to make the whole thing a little sadder, Ez got an insta-runny nose while we were there. At first I thought it was just from crying so hard, but it stuck around all weekend, and he was definitely a little more fussy and not into sleeping as a result. My poor baby :(

This weekend was filled with lots of extra snuggles for our semi-sick little guy, and that's never a bad thing. 

After a perfectly lazy Saturday morning spent lounging around and doing nothing, we dropped Ez off with his Grandma Kat and Joe and I had a parent's night out in Long Beach, starting with a delicious seafood dinner, followed by a spooky, scary night wandering through Dark Harbor, which is 6 different mazes at the Queen Mary. Three of the mazes are actually aboard the ship, and those are my most favorite. I'll go into more detail and share more pics on that later. One thing I will mention about our parent's nights out is how funny it is that we spend our alone time talking about Ez. Once you have kids, there's always a magnet pull on your mind and your heart to wherever your kid is (as I'm sure all you parents know). 

Sunday we had another play date at the mall, and Joe got to meet baby Abbie for the first time. This was my second time meeting her, but my first time holding her - she is soooo tiny and so precious! I don't think Ezzy was ever this small, and I'm pretty sure his head was much bigger. My little pumpkin head... Joe definitely got baby girl fever. Meanwhile, Ez and Wyatt made the cutest little buds, running around like they owned the place, and teaming up on Joe to try to break his barriers and escape the confines of the play area. Joe made trying to escape so fun, that it became the activity of choice, trumping all the slides and tunnels. Either way, Ez was worn out by the time we left, and wound up taking a 3 hour nap. Whatever works...

We capped off our weekend with another trip to a playground and some grocery shopping. What kind of fun did you and your family get into this weekend? Any Halloween activities yet?


  1. That indoor playground looks like so much fun! Ours is often populated by big kids and I fear for the safety of my little ones- being run over! And yes, runny noses and playgrounds= typical weekend around here! XO

  2. Boo for running noses! But it sounds like it didn't get Ezzy down! One tough boy!