Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 Days of Halloween: Days 7 - 13

Day 7: I finally found a craft Ezzy likes! I got the idea for a contact paper sticky-wall decoration from I Heart Crafty Things. We had a ton of felt pumpkins leftover from the Michael's craft kit we used to make the pumpkin garland, and once I taped the contact paper to the wall and handed Ez a pumpkin he didn't need any instruction at all. He immediately went and stuck it on the wall. I cut out letters and the moon while he stuck on the pumpkins, bats, and cats. Eventually he tried sticking on his toy cars and pieces of trash, so we called it a day. I was just so excited that he actually participated. And I'm loving the Halloween decor of Ezzy's little reading corner. 
Day 8: I was outside raking up leaves when I looked up and noticed our neighbor's black cat (which we've nicknamed Sharpie) walking under the full moon. The picture didn't come out great, but it was very Halloweenish. 

Day 9: Putting my new Halloween cookie cutters to use with some festive toast and watermelon. Ezzy did not care in the least, and actually when I asked him if he wanted to eat the cat's tail he backed away in disgust, even though he loves pb&j. I wound up having to tear it all into bite-size pieces. Oh well...

Day 10: Mickey's Halloween Party! I already wrote about our Disney trip, but here are a few more pictures, and a little video of the fireworks show. It was seriously the best fireworks show I've ever seen, and for once we got a perfect spot, right in front of the castle. You may remember that Ez freaked out during the 4th of July fireworks show this year, and we wound up "watching" while on the run back to our car with a screaming toddler in our arms, so I had pretty low expectations for the Disney show. This time he stared and stared with the most serious, intent face. I'm going to take that as a sign that he liked it. We're thinking that maybe because there was also music, it masked the sound of the fireworks a little and made it more kid-friendly. 

Can I just say I've had This is Halloween, this is Halloween stuck in my head for days now?

This was Ez's expression for the entire show.
Day 11: Scoping out the kid's selection of Halloween movies on Netflix, which unfortunately is pretty sparse. Barney or Curious George about sums it up. They also have Nightmare Before Christmas, which we will get around to, hopefully this week!

Day 12: Another weekend, another pumpkin patch! This is my favorite pumpkin patch, they've got a huge selection of pumpkins that you pick right off the vine, a great little farmer's market, tractor rides, pumpkin shooting, a corn maze, the works. Since Ez is currently obsessed with pumpkins, this was basically his paradise. He kept trying to pick up huge pumpkins, and, of course, he loved riding in the wheel barrow with all his pumpkin loot. This is us last year vs. this year:

I capped off the evening with a pumpkin beer and the Walking Dead premier. Love that show!

Day 13: Another craft that Ez loved! We painted a couple of pumpkins, and unlike the first time we tried painting, when Ez ran away crying at the mere sight of paint (a week ago), this time he sat right down and dipped the brush in without any instruction from me. I did have to direct where he put the paint though, and a good amount of it wound up on him and the patio, but that's to be expected, and honestly, it made the whole thing that much cuter.

What kind of Halloween festivities are you and your family up to this week? Linking up with Courtney, Amanda, Jamie, and Jenny for their Countdown to Halloween linkup!

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  1. Well, hey everybody went to the Tanaka pumpkin patch this week - you, Elizabeth, and Desiree! I guess you all live near enough each other.
    The contact paper! That is a great idea!
    Aww kitty! I always wanted a female black kitty named snickers. random.
    If it starts out in fun shapes, it totally still counts =) Just don't mention the eating of cat bits next time!
    That is so great that he liked the fireworks show!!! Way better than the 4th. I wish we could go. What time was the fireworks? He stayed up well to see it? That's my drawback to the Halloween party, it starts so late...seems like a waste of money. Aria is outside running around with great grandma so I'll have to show her the vid later! She'll like the booms.
    Yes, the holiday netflix selection is lame.
    His painted pumpkins are the best. I'm so glad he didn't run away screaming this time. I guess the finger paints were less intimidating this week!!
    Thanks for linking up again this week =)

  2. Aww! I am dying to get to the pumpkin patch! Soon!

  3. So many fun things in here! Let's just start with my favorite! Pumpkin blue moon = winning always! I love the pumpkin painting and the contact paper - great craft! The halloween at Disney looks like a blast - wish we lived closer to one my kiddo would love that! Thanks for linking up this week!