Tuesday, October 21, 2014

31 Days of Halloween: Days 14 - 20

Ok, I'll be the first to admit that I've been slacking on the whole 31 days of Halloween over here this week. Some of these may be a stretch, but other days were pretty Halloween-y (that's a word, right?), so I think it all balances out.

Day 14: Halloween window decals from the dollar bins at Target. I bought these on impulse (like pretty much all dollar bin purchases are) and thought maybe Ez would be into them for 5 minutes, maybe not at all, but they'd give his room a little extra festive feel, so why not? Well, these decals were magical and they kept him entertained for 45 minutes. Which is basically a lifetime if you're 1.5 years old. The second picture is Ez crying because there were no more stickers on the sheet. Then he figured out he could take them back off the window, and then put them back on, and then take them off, and then sort them into the cup holder in his chair, and then stick them on his rocking horse... You get the idea. And the best part is that other than making sure he didn't fall off his chair, I could just sit there and read my book and he didn't need any guidance from me. Win! I already went back and bought 4 more fall-themed packs. 

Day 15: Remember that time I gave Ez a mini Milky Way and he stayed up till 5 am? Yeah, I haven't forgotten that either. So guess how much more of his Mickey's Halloween Party candy he's eaten? That's right, zero! Instead we divided it all up into treat bags for his cousins. I'm pretty sure Ez didn't have a clue what was going on, because he was all smiles while he pulled candies out of his trick or treat bag and placed them in the little pumpkin bags I set up around him. Do you think I can pull this off next year too?? I also got little glittery purple nail polishes and fall-colored bracelets for the girls, a Doc McStuffins for his 2 year old cousin, and some monster activity packs for the boys. 

Day 16: Toddler storytime at B&N! Technically, this wasn't halloween-themed, except that Ez and his cousin Sophia branched off on their own and beelined for the kid's Halloween book display. A pop-up Halloween insect book went over really well with Sophia (until she ripped one of the pop-ups off), and Ez loved the Little Spider book which has a spider finger puppet attached. Have you seen those books before? There's a whole series and his aunt got him the summery crab one awhile ago, but suddenly he's really into it. Cute concept. 

Day 17: Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns! Since there were thousands of pumpkins, this got it's own post, complete with tons of pictures :)

Day 18: I finally got around to displaying our pumpkins from Tanaka Farms, along with some black cats I've collected along the way, and some woodland animal ornaments that seemed like they fit in with the fall theme. I don't have a ton of Halloween decorations (read: none) because all my decorations storage space is dedicated to Christmas. This is probably the first year that we actually have storage room, but we haven't really gone crazy with the Halloween stuff. I mostly just prefer pumpkins and fall-colored flowers. Stuff that either gets thrown away or can be re-used at other points in the year. 

Day 19:  Pumpkin carving! Again, I already blogged about this, but my cousin sent a picture of the pumpkins all lit up at night so here's the finished product (I did the ghost on the right):

Day 20: Festive clothes! I'm not sure if any of you other boy moms have noticed this, but there is a serious lack of festive toddler boy clothes. Girls get all the cute stuff!! Not fair. So I bought a $5 plain white shirt from Target and a $1 iron on transfer from Michael's and voila! Pretty cute, if I do say so myself. I actually might go back and get one for myself and Joe too... Also, that monster hat. I wish it was cold enough and Ez actually wore hats, because that is adorable. Unfortunately, he barely left it on long enough for me to get a clear picture. 

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  1. Bad to the Bone!! Love it, good idea too. I'd make them for me though =)
    Aria didn't care at all about the candy last year, and definitely didn't get any. We'll have to see how it goes this year...Chris is like omg let her eat all that she wants. I'm like are you on crack? Bad idea. Maybe a couple pieces...but not a free for all, geesh.
    oh Aria likes those puppet-y books, she always picks those out at BN too. We don't own any though. But they are fun to play with. Aria has a completely managled pop up book too. Guess she isn't at that age yet.
    I like your pumpkin and your fox nicknack!
    Thanks for linking up again this week!!! Happy 10 Days until Halloween!

  2. You're right...All dollar bin purchases = impulse buys. LoL at the Milky Way stay up until 5am. Lily did the SAME thing after her first birthday party when we let her devour too much sugar. She woke up at 9pm ready to PARTAAAAY all. night. long. Insane. Cute DIY on the festive clothes. I honestly have purchased all of Lily's festive wear 2nd hand. Or my mom has crafted a few too. Love the Bad to The Bone!!!!

  3. I LOVE that shirt you made him - so cute! And way to go on giving his candy out in gift bags! I can't believe B&N didn't have a Halloween story time! Ours has a story time on Fridays so maybe they will on Halloween? I hope so! Thanks for linking up with us again this week!

  4. Those window clings look awesome! I've been avoiding the Dollar Spot so that I don't make too many impulse purchases but it looks like I missed out on a gem because I'm sure my son would love those!