Friday, October 3, 2014

5 Reasons I'm Grateful for Joe

I remember a post from Courtney over at Sweet Turtle Soup about 5 reasons why she loves her husband as a father, and lately Joe has been amazing me with all the things he does for our family and so I wanted to share 5 of the many reasons that I'm so grateful for him. So Joe, this if for you:

1. As soon as we hear your truck pull into the driveway in the evening, Ezzy and I perk up. It's definitely our favorite part of the evening. Ez stops to listen which door is going to open, and then goes off running to greet you. Warms my heart every time. After working a long day, you walk through the door right at witching hour, when I'm trying to get dinner ready and Ezzy is in full-on fuss mode because he wants more attention than he's getting, and you immediately transition to dad mode without taking any time to yourself to wind down. You and Ez rough house and chat about your days while I get some peace and quiet to get things done.

2. You're constantly looking for the best opportunities for our family, whether that's buying us a house, researching the best school districts for Ez, or searching for better jobs for yourself. I love that you're always looking out for us and planning for a better future. 

3. You plan family outings or getaways for our family on a weekly basis. I know a lot of women complain that men don't plan dates, but I feel like in our relationship I'm the one who slacks on planning and you're always coming up with fun ideas for places to explore and overnight trips to take. We've created so many cherished family memories, and a lot of that is thanks to your ideas and plans for us.

4. You always stress that our family is a team, and you place equal importance on our roles outside the home, and inside the home respectively. I never feel like I get less of a "vote" in the family because I don't contribute financially, and that's a big deal to me, so thank you.

5. You are the best protector. Ez and I always feel completely safe when you're around. Whether you're checking the house in the middle of the night because we heard a creak, or your on bug patrol, killing whatever creepy insect wandered into our house, we can always rely on you to take care of us.

We love you!

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  1. I LOVE this! What a blessed lady you are!! :-)

  2. oh I must have missed this one back in the sickness we had at the start of Oct! I was scrolling and it caught my name caught my eye ha...super sweet post! Sounds like such a great dad and husband. That is awesome that he considers the family a team and is ready to put on the dad hat as soon as he gets home!