Tuesday, October 28, 2014

31 Days of Halloween: Days 21 - 27

I can't believe Halloween will be here in 3 days!! Which means October will be over in 3 days...where did this year go? I love this time of year, but is it just me or does the holiday season always go by especially fast?

Day 21: Festive fall food - All of you guys have been making and baking creative fall foods, and all I've got  for ya is a frozen pumpkin waffle that I cut into a pumpkin shape - for myself - cause sometimes adults need cute food too! Also, I couldn't pass up that cute little woodland creatures mug from Barnes and Noble. (Again, for myself. Sorry Ez!) We've been eating a lot of sweet potatoes and lentils, which feels very fall-like to me. When I say "we" I mean Joe and me, because Ez won't touch 'em. The reason there hasn't been any baking going on over here is because I gave up sweets for the first 21 days of the month. (Crazy to try during the holidays? Probably...) After 21 days I ate the mini Almond Joys I had set aside from Ezzy's Disney treat bag, and Joe and I treated ourselves to the best apple crisp ever, from Lazy Dog Cafe. Now I'm back on the no-sugar bandwagon for another 21 days. 
Pumpkin spice waffles.
Apple crisp.
Sweet potato, apple, and cranberry salad + mushroom pizza.
Day 22: This is not necessarily Halloween-ish, but it is fall-related, so on the countdown it goes! We took Ez on a little Gymboree shopping spree (while they were having a 40% off EVERYTHING sale - including clearance items) and stocked up on fall/winter clothes. Even though it's still in the 80s/90s here, Ez and I are going to Massachusetts in two weeks and will get to experience some real fall weather. I could not be more excited! More on that later though. As you can see from the pictures below, Ez was not too into playing dress up, but once he realized I was taking pictures whether he cried or not he sucked it up and gave me his best mini-Zoolander baby model pose. My little ham. Also, Ez spotted that Eric Carle brown bear shirt himself, and did not want to leave it, so we "had" to get it. While he was wearing it I brought out the actual book, and he kept pointing at his shirt and then at the book, and examining each one closely and getting all giddy. That Eric Carle is magic for toddlers, I tell ya... 

Day 23: (Not pictured) - we've slacked a little on watching Halloweenish movies, unless Walking Dead counts (which of course it does!). This past week has called for a little more relaxation and TV time though, so we watched Spookly the Square Pumpkin and Addams Family Values. I don't think I'd seen Addams Family since high school. Just saying that makes me feel really old. I love Christina Ricci in it though. Hocus Pocus WILL happen sometime in next 3 days. It's a priority...

Day 24: Ez's first ever Halloween party at Gymboree. I forgot Ez's cape, and we realized that Ez's Batman suit is size 12 - 18 months and getting smaller by the day. I did not realize how much he'd grow in a month. Whoops. On Friday, the day of the party, Ez absolutely refused to nap. So of course he fell asleep in the car on the way to the party (which started at 5 pm). For having a ten minute catnap and being woken up, he was a trooper. A lil groggy, but a trooper. The party hostess hid mini pumpkins all over the gym, which of course Ez loved, cause his pumpkin obsession. She set up a bean bag toss, and I think Ez was the only one that actually participated. Anything that involves throwing is right up his alley. There was another activity where the kids were supposed to climb up a ramp, grab a ball, and toss it into a stack of inflatable rings. I don't wanna brag (ok, maybe just a little), but Ez has really good aim. Other parents were commenting too, because he was the only one that actually made the shots. Repeatedly. I think we've got a little athlete on our hands. Then the kids made a little foam picture frame with pumpkin stickers. Ez liked it, and understood the concept, but he put all the stickers where the picture was supposed to go, so I rearranged just a tiny bit. Then it was time for bubbles and songs. Ez was covered in bubbles, which really perplexed him. He spent a few minutes trying to grab the bubbles, then got frustrated and ran away. While I snapped tons of pictures, because a baby covered in bubbles is the kind of adorableness that just doesn't happen every day. 

Day 25: Scarium at the Pacific! I already mentioned this in my last blog post, but here's another shot of Ez and I in our matching Halloween shirts. I went back to Michaels to get more decals so Joe and I could have shirts too, but there was only one decal left...Sorry Joe! The decal + shirt was $4 total from Michaels. Steal!

Day 26: Boo at the Zoo! Again, I shared this in my last post too, but here are a few more pictures. If I had to be honest, I think Ez would have been just as happy playing at the park, since that was his favorite part of the zoo, but I thought it was really cute to see all the kids in their costumes running around. 

Day 27: After 3 days of festivities, I think we all deserved a nice relaxing day at home. So instead, I'll just share a throwback/comparison picture (you know how much I love those!):
Look how much his arms and legs have grown! And those tiny feet... The picture on the left was at the pumpkin patch last year, and the one at the right is from Boo at the Zoo. 

Excited to read about all the festive stuff you guys have been up to! Linking up with Courtney, Amanda, Jamie, and Jenny for:

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  1. Stopping by from the link-up. Those food pics looked delicious! I'm all about some apple crisp.

  2. Omg, those food looks so yummy. Now I am hungry! What a super cute Batman you got there!

  3. I forgot how fast they grow the first year and then some. Aria has been pretty staple lately...we keep getting new clothes and she isn't outgrowing the old ones sooo I have no idea where to put them all. She's in some of the stuff I got her a year ago, I'm impressed.
    No sugar at Halloween? You are a rockstar! Fun to take a short break though for some almond joys. I think I've gained 12 pounds this month. November will have to be much less tasty. Until Thanksgiving anyway =)
    So cute about the shirt and recognizing the connection. And the aim! That is so cool. Aria tried to play a toss game at Boo Zoo but didn't understand the toss part so she just walked it over to the opening. Close enough. Maybe I should make her a toss game for her bday!
    Bubbles, ha. He looks stoned. Bubbles, man, bubbles.
    Thanks for linking up again this week!

  4. Love the matching mom & me shirts! I love his batman costume and the craft time at Gymboree! OH and way to score big on some awesome cute clothes!!! Oh and I LOVE the pumpkin waffle cut outs. it's not about be fancy it about having fun - and that is fun! Bonus for easy for mom! :) Thanks for linking up with us!