Friday, October 10, 2014

5 Things My Toddler Suddenly Understands

1. How to lock a door. Thankfully we were both in my bedroom when he decided to show off that handy trick. Not. I was quietly enjoying a cup of coffee (major warning sign there) when I hear pounding and crying from the back of the house. Long story short, I had to break into our bedroom window to rescue him and I have never been so happy that we own a single story home.

2. Shoes mean we're leaving the house. Which means about two minutes after breakfast (usually before I've actually finished mine) he's waving shoes in my face. Sometimes they're my shoes, or Joe's, or 2 sizes too big, but the message is the same: take me outside NOW. Thankfully he's a cute drill sergeant. Love this kid so much.

3. His evasive tactics are getting better by the day. Once he learned how to walk backward it opened a whole new world of escape routes. If he sees me coming at him for a diaper change he drops to the floor and army crawls away. If I want to brush his teeth or get him dressed for the day, I have to chase him down the hallway first. And heaven forbid I have to wipe his nose, cause that involves a chase and flailing arms and screaming. 

4. He has learned how to 'trade.' Aka, we can bribe him now. I'm sure most parents would agree that bribery is basically the most valuable tool in a parent's arsenal. We've been using this tactic at dinner: "I'll trade you your ball for one bite of food." Since we've learned this tactic Ez has miraculously gotten better at eating adult food. Ez also trades his toys at Gymboree now, which is basically like sharing, and is the cutest thing to watch. 

5. Piles of leaves are for jumping in. We live in LA, so fall isn't really a season which means that whole tradition of raking leaves and jumping into the pile doesn't exist here. Still, we did have a bunch of dead leaves from when we moved in that I just finally got around to raking, and Ez beelined from across the yard straight to the pile and jumped right in, throwing leaves in the air and all over himself. It amazes me how kids just know how to find the fun in every situation. I see a pile of dead leaves crawling with bugs and spiders, he sees a playground. Or when I water the yard I walk around the mud and try not to get wet, while he runs straight for the water and stomps right in the puddles. Seeing the world through your kids eyes really does make everything more magical and fun. 

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