Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Playground Pro

It has been almost a month since Ez joined Gymboree, and I feel like he's grown by leaps and bounds. Look at him climbing those structures like a little mountain goat! Last month he wanted me to hold his hand and now, not only is he going at it solo, but he's doing it with one hand, since he won't let go of the ball in the other.

And the swings. We have countless pictures of Ez staring at us with a serious, "when is this ride gonna end?" face (see below). But pictures of Ez smiling on a swing? That's a very recent occurrence. It's like he suddenly realizes that playgrounds are fun.

Also, Ez has actually started participating when they bring the parachute out at the end of class. For whatever reason he was very opposed to the parachute the first few classes. As soon as it made an appearance he would run far, far away and there was no coaxing him back. Yesterday he actually rode on it when we did the "all around the mulberry bush" bit. When we "popped" the parachute, he fell over backwards and spent the rest of the time laying stiffly with his arms straight down by his side, staring up at the ceiling with a face similar to his swing pictures below. Everyone was cracking up because he could not have made it look less fun. But still, he gave it a try and he didn't cry.

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  1. This kid seriously is a cupful of cuteness.... LOVE the chubs and the sweet dimples!

  2. Aww, glad he is enjoying Gymboree and getting more adventurous there!