Monday, October 20, 2014

Alone Time & Pumpkin Carving

I had scheduled some much-needed girl time on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Unfortunately, my friend's daughter got sick on Friday and she had to cancel. Since Ez's grandma Kat was already planning on spending time with him, I decided to drop him off and go spend time at my happy place: the bookstore. I could spend all day there (which was pretty handy back when I used to work there). And can I just say that as much as I love our weekly mother/son B&N dates, it was really nice to read what I wanted to read without having to pause and make "choo choo" sounds while Ez played on the train set. Or even more mind-numbing: read Eric Carle twenty times in a row (or until I threw in the towel and we went home). I also did a little shopping and even though I found so many cute things I wanted to buy Ez, I decided to make it a real momma's day out and bought myself a pair of sandals and the softest, coziest sweatshirt ever. No toddler clothes or toys whatsoever. (As I'm sure all you mamas know, that's pretty rare!) 
Ez playing at Grandma Kat's.
On Saturday I drove down to Orange County for some girl time spent wandering the farmer's market and the gem show. Ez and Joe had a boys' day playing at the park and drinking smoothies. Win/win for everyone involved! A few hours off from mom-duty here and there is like hitting the re-set button. While it's possible I left in the mindset of "how many times can someone so little poop in a single day??" I returned ready for a giant hug from my boys. And Ez's reaction when I return from being gone for a few hours is priceless. A giant smile and excited hand gestures followed by a huge bear hug. Love that boy so much. 
Ez collecting leaves on his boys' day out.
On Sunday we headed over to my aunt's house for some family time and pumpkin carving. Is it sad that I was as into pumpkin carving as the kids half my age? No? I didn't think so either! Ez and Sophia were pretty turned off by the pumpkin guts, and Joe doesn't have the patience for carving pumpkins, so he ran around with them while us older cousins carved. 

Afterward we headed to another cousin's house to hang out for a bit and meet all their new pets: 2 kittens and 3 chickens. Too much cuteness for one day!

All in all a great weekend: plenty of family time, plenty of girl time, and some Halloween fun sprinkled in! Hope you had a great weekend as well!

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  1. oh man, alone time! Does nap time count....? I looove book stores. They just aren't the relaxing environment they once were ha. Sounds awesome to just go hand out at one for a bit. I use to walk down to BN after my college classes almost daily eons ago when I was in college. It was enjoyable.
    I hate the pumpkin guts..ick. I make Chris do that part. =)