Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's the Little Things: My Little Cynic

Lately it seems like Ez is learning new stuff every day. As his mom, it's pretty much the most amazing thing to watch him acquire and practice a new skill. The other day though, he did something that I wasn't prepared to deal with for another decade or so. 

What was this super-advanced skill he learned? 

He rolled his eyes at me! And not just once, but like seven times in a row before I finally pulled out my camera to film him. 

So what was I doing that clearly exasperated him so much? 

I was playing cars with him on his little roadway rug, which I thought would make me a "cool" mom in a 1.5 year old's eyes. I guess I wasn't racing and crashing the cars up to his standards though, because I finally looked up to notice him dogging me big time. I always assumed Ez as a teen would roll his eyes at me, but not my sweet little toddler!

The best part was that after every "look" he gave me, he would crack up. Which in turn cracked me up. As if it wasn't funny enough that my toddler already has a "you're crazy, mom" look. 

This. boy. He's seriously too much sometimes.

Tell me your toddlers look at me like you're crazy too - please??

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  1. Seriously? I would expect the eye rolling from a little girl because that's just what girls do, but little boys are supposed to be sweet to their mommas until at least 8 or 9. I get the eye roll from my 11 year old at least daily:(

  2. that video is so adorable and he has the best giggles!!! It didn't look like an eye roll so much as flirting with his mama--- to me anyways :-)

  3. That is hilarious!!! He has got the eye rolling down now!

  4. He is beyond adorable and I love the laugh he gets from being so sassy!!

  5. Stop ittttttttttt! That is too funny! He is so, so cute! This is the perfect reminder that I need to take more videos of Mia!!