Wednesday, October 15, 2014

17 Months

Ez, you are my inquisitive little chatterbox, pointing at things and babbling with such intensity that I just know you're trying to tell me something complex and important. I can't wait til you have the vocabulary to let me in on the thoughts running through your mind. Other times you're a silent observer, watching, learning, and taking it all in. You always stand on the sidelines in a new situation, warming up slowly to new people and experiences, and then suddenly you're ready to run off and join the mix. You constantly shock me at how much you understand, and every day you have a new skill to show off. 

The last few Gymboree classes have revolved around the theme "loud" and "quiet" and yesterday, at the Home Depot paint department, you were sitting on the counter entertaining yourself with one of those wooden paint stirrers when I asked you to show me a loud sound. You banged on the counter with the stirrer, and then, when I asked you to make a quiet sound you tapped lightly on the counter. My little smartie pants! 

I catch you sitting on the floor "reading" your favorite books to yourself, and it warms my heart. I hope you grow up to be a bookworm and love reading for your entire life. 

You can climb things now. It came out of nowhere. One moment you wanted us to hold your hand while climbing the play structures at the mall, the next minute you were tackling them all on your own without so much as a glance back at us. You can also climb onto your little monster truck chair, and you can climb the wrong way up slides, which everyone knows is actually the most fun way to climb slides!

Thanks to Gymboree you've learned to share, and will gladly hand off your favorite ball to another kid, especially if she happens to be cute.  

You still love impromptu dance parties, and that's another trait I hope you keep well into adulthood. Your dad still randomly breaks out in dance, so I think you get that from him.

You're currently obsessed with: 
- pumpkins 
- Eric Carle books (mostly just the ones that follow the format: colored animal, colored animal, what do you see/hear)
- planes: if you hear one over head you stop what you're doing and point it out
- cars/trains/trucks/boats/anything that goes
- smoothies
- Gymboree class
- the train set at Barnes & Noble
- kicking your ball around (an old favorite)
- shoes: you're constantly redistributing them around the house
- puzzles (the wooden peg kind)

Thanks to Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear, you now like to practice making animal sounds. Here you are roaring like a lion:

Each day with you involves endless amusement and laughter, a good amount of guidance on what you can throw (balls) and what you can't (everything else), lots of running around trying to burn all your extra energy, and plenty of snuggles - you are the best cuddler! I love this age so much, and your dad and I are soaking up all the snuggles now, while you still want them, because we know that won't last forever. Your dad and I love you so much and watching you grow from baby to toddler has been so amazing, we can't wait to see what you've got in store for us next.


  1. So cute! This is such a fun an amazing age! Aren't they just so brilliant at this age? And little sponges. Just wait until he really starts talking (and then doesn't ever stop!). :) It just keeps getting better.

  2. LoL LOOOOOVE that little giggle on the video! It really does just keep getting better and better! Everyone talks about how terrible toddlers are but for as much trouble as they give, they love so much harder too.