Monday, December 9, 2013

Ezzy's First Trip to Disneyland, Part 1

Super impressed by It's a Small world... can't you tell?
Ezzy meets Chip and Dale.
"Get your furry hands off of me!!"
Ezzy the Elf meets Santa
Tuckered out after an eventful week.
We've been MIA for the past week because we spent three of the last five days at... Disneyland!! It's our (nearly) annual family tradition to visit Disneyland in December, and this time Ezzy got to join in on the fun. I think his face in the first picture pretty much sums up how he felt about the rides. We only took him on a few, but he was not a fan. He screamed through the first half of the Little Mermaid ride, which was the first one we took him on and the only one where I wasn't holding him. I actually made the grandparents transfer him (illegally, according to Disneyland rules) from their car to mine halfway through that ride because it breaks my heart to hear him screaming. Then he buried his head in my chest and clutched onto my sweater for dear life. We tried a few more rides, but he pretty much kept his head buried in my chest for all of them, except for It's a Small World, where he was brave enough to peek out every now and then, and even seemed to enjoy parts of it.

Despite not being a fan of the rides, Ezzy did enjoy Disneyland. He loves people watching, and Disneyland is probably one of the top five spots in the world for that. His favorite parts were the parade and the clock at It's a Small World, and hanging out with Gangy and Grampa, of course.

I'll be back soon with some tips on taking a baby to Disneyland (and lots more photos), as well as an update to my 25 Days of Giving, but for now I need to try to get my house in order while my tired little elf is still napping. I hope everyone else had as much fun over the weekend as we did!

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