Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekend Recap: Ladies Night & Hiking

On Saturday evening my lovely friend, Jen, hosted a girl's wine glass making party. It was such a fun and creative idea. Joe and Ezzy had a boy's night, and I spent three whole hours drinking wine, catching up on gossip, and getting my creativity on. Painting is so relaxing, it's hard to think about much when you're busy painting a dozen tiny snow flakes. I wish I had gotten pictures of all the girl's wine glasses because they were all so unique and adorable. Here's my finished product (sorry for the bad photo):

And in the meantime, this is what the boys were up to:

For our Sunday Family Funday, we took advantage of our mid 70 degree weather and went out for breakfast then a hike. First day of Winter, what? California didn't get that memo. I see my friends all over the country posting pictures of their snowy Christmases, and as pretty as it looks, I can barely handle when the temps in our house drop to the 60s, so I'll stick with the sunshine, thanks. 

A few things about our hike:
  • Even though we stuck to nearly-flat terrain, I was huffing and puffing the entire way. Some kids ran by us having a conversation and giggling - how do they do that?? I remember when I used to jog that same trail... maybe it's time to dust off the treadmill?
  • Ezzy is obsessed with running water. He LOVED staring at the stream and tried to dive headfirst into the water to get a closer look.
  • Joe and I have a thing about bees, so when one landed on Joe's shoulder, the hike was over.
One of the few pics we got of him looking at the camera.
What's this???
I wanna see...
Must touch!
Still mesmerized.
Ez! Over here!
Tuckered out from a grueling hike.
After the hike we met up with a friend to return some baby stuff she had lent to us. She has two kids, ages one and five. Ezzy seemed to like the five year old (despite his extremely awkward expression in the pic below), but he burst into tears at the sight of the one year old. Twice. We thought he would like babies, or at least be indifferent. We thought wrong.
Ezzy meets another baby. He's not impressed...
Excuse me. I did not authorize this.
One thing we did not do this weekend was step foot in a mall. I hope you were all fortunate enough to avoid that as well!

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