Friday, December 27, 2013

Ezzy's First Christmas

Ezzy's first Christmas passed by in the blink of an eye. There's only a few more "first holidays" for Ez before he turns one. I know. I may be exagerating. But it really feels like his first year is flying by so fast. 

Ezzy's first Christmas was pretty low key, with just the three of us on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, followed by dinner at Joe's mom's house. This was my first Christmas away from my mom. I really missed holidays in Modesto, but Ezzy and I were fortunate enough to have two separate visits with Gangy and Grampa this month. It probably worked out just as well, since Joe wound up getting sick on Christmas Eve and after an hour at work he came back home before Ezzy or I had even gotten up for the day. 

Thankfully Joe was feeling better by Christmas, and the day was absolutely perfect. Joe and Ezzy were up really early while I got an extra hour of sleep (Santa must have known just what this mom needed!) Once I woke up around 8:30 we dove right into present opening. Ezzy had already had a little bit of practice in that department, so he was a seasoned expert at ripping the paper, waving the paper in the air while screaming at it, then trying to eat the paper. You can watch a video of him enjoying the paper and some of his toys here:

Santa brought Ezzy exactly what every little boy wants: his very own remote control. As far as actual gifts go, I'd say that one tops the list. Close seconds are: wrapping paper, tags, a bottle of vitamins from Joe's stocking, and an Amazon box. Babies are so easy to shop for. I have a feeling it only gets harder/more expensive from here. Here's a video of Ezzy enjoying his remote.

Santa was pretty good to me as well this year. Not only do I have this amazing family (which is the best present), I also got a ring AND the laptop that I'm writing this blog post on. I love both. I'm one lucky girl. After presents we had a lazy morning eating breakfast and baking cinnamon rolls. Then we were off to Grandma's for more presents and yummy food. Food + family = what Christmas is all about.

Since it's possible one day we'll look back on Christmas Eve 2013 and laugh, I'll recount just what a mess the day really was. Joe spent pretty much the whole day in bed or in the bathroom feeling awful. Since it didn't make sense to cook dinner for just myself, I decided to satisfy a nacho craving and hit up the El Pollo Loco drive thru for dinner. That was a big mistake. There were only two cars in front of me, but I was stuck in the drive thru for 20 minutes. It turns out those two cars were basically ordering a catered feast in the drive thru. Seriously, the amount of food that was passed through the window was enough to feed a 50 person party, times two! Very considerate, people. Oh, and did I mention that Ezzy was very vocally unhappy with the drive thru situation? He started wailing after about two minutes of waiting. 18 minutes in an enclosed space listening to your child cry will pretty much kill anyone's appetite. So 18 minutes later, when I finally got to the window, I was so annoyed/distraught that I didn't even stop or roll down my window or anything. I just kept driving right past the El Pollo Loco employee hanging out the window and got the two of us home and out of the car as fast as possible. I know I said I'd write some good online reviews of my favorite businesses for my 25 Days of Giving, but does it also count to NOT write a bad review of that El Pollo Loco? Anyway, water under the bridge. So, to sum up Ezzy's first Christmas Eve: we had one screaming baby, one sick "gurgly" dad, and one frazzled mom. As my mom pointed out, it isn't Christmas unless someone gets sick, so it looks like we managed to keep that tradition going this year. The very end of the day was somewhat salvaged though. After Joe's long day spent napping, he felt better by the time we got back from our nacho fiasco. And after Ezzy had some food and snuggles, he was back to his smiley self. A glass of wine, half a box of cookies, and the movie Hook cheered me up. So Christmas Eve ended with our lil family of three snuggled on the couch watching Hook (which, by the way, IS a Christmas movie) - exactly the way I'd envisioned our evening.

I hope everyone else had a great Christmas filled with family and food.

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