Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween! 14 Weeks Update

Total Weight Gain:Up a total of 4 lbs. I feel like I officially started showing on Halloween, maybe it was just all the candy/cookies though.
Maternity Clothes: Nope. I have officially retired several outfits though. I hate anything that presses against my belly - it's fine in the morning, but by afternoon it's uncomfortable.
Symptoms: Sometimes my joints feel a little achy, but overall I feel fine. Unless taking 2 naps on Sunday isn't normal...
Best Moment of the Week: Another Disneyland trip!! This time with hundreds of pictures to show for it. We happened to go on the day they were filming the Christmas parade, which was kinda cool.
What We're Reading & Watching this Week: I gave in and just watched Anna Karenina (with Vivien Leigh), so I'm not sure if I'll ever finish that book. Good movie though, I know they left a lot out, but still very good. We also watched Chinatown, another classic, which we both liked, except the ending.
Food Cravings: I just discovered greek yogurt with honey, which I eat with bananas. Soooo good. I'm also wanting a Veggie Delight from Subway, with some cheetos. Last week I definitely satisfied my cinnamon roll craving - 2 from Disneyland (we split one the first time, then each got our own the second time) PLUS cinnamon roll sugar cookies - which are deadly delicious. Don't say I didn't warn you.
What I Miss: Sushi and wine have both sounded good recently, but I don't miss them that much.
Happy or Moody? Both!
Movement: Still haven't felt anything.
Looking Forward to: My dad's visit this weekend! He'll be here for three weeks, so Thanksgiving will be a fun family affair :)

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