Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween Fun: A Look Back at October

Happy Halloween!
For the month of October we tried to do something Halloween-themed every week (in addition to lots of scary movies). Here's a look back at the fun. Of course, there are way too many pics to post here, so click on the links if you want to see more.

1) Haunted Corn Maze & Festival at Pierce College: Up near Modesto there's a great corn maze that we went to every year. It has several mazes with really wide walkways and tall corn. So I wanted to continue the tradition and find a corn maze in So Cal. The day we went to the Pierce College corn maze was really hot, and the walkways didn't really look like walkways at all, it felt like we were just blazing our own paths through a muddy corn field. Next year I think I'll have to travel back to Modesto in October.

Just Getting Started!
2) Ghost Harbor at the Queen Mary: I had never been to the Queen Mary before, so we got there early enough to explore the ship and have dinner on board before doing the haunted mazes, which began at 7:00. The ship has a lot of cool historical displays set up and it was fun to check it all out. And the haunted mazes were SCARY! If you went through the maze in a small group, or alone, you got a much scarier effect than if you went through in big groups. My favorite was the maze on the boat that went past the swimming pool - it was eerily lit up with a creepy ghost wandering around it.

Queen Mary during the day
Ghost Harbor at Night
3) Disneyland! We went to Disneyland during the week a few days before Halloween and had an amazing time. Dland closed early that day, so we were a little worried we wouldn't get to do much, but the lines were short and we rode everything we wanted to. We also had time for a delicious cinnamon roll from the Jolly Holiday cafe - Yum! I had been fixating on cinnamon rolls for about a week. Unfortunately, all of our pictures were deleted so Joe decided we had to go back and re-take them. That means we actually went to Disneyland twice in less than two weeks, yay! I'll do another post on our second trip, but  here's a few pics:

Mary Poppins! Blue Mickey Hat & My Wookie...Aww!
Jack Skellington & A Random "N" Pumpkin
The Rides! Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, & Toy Story
Overall, October was an amazing month and I'm already looking forward to Thanksgiving and all of the Christmas festivities: movies, music, trees, shopping, baking... Can't wait!

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