Monday, November 12, 2012

15 Weeks Bump Update

Total Weight Gain:Up about 6 lbs. I've been scared to get on the scale for the past few days though (read on to my pregnancy cravings...)
Maternity Clothes: Nope, I bought some new leggings, but I wore those pre-pregnancy too. I'm actually wearing jeans in the above picture, and that pair fits fine because the button is below my belly.
Symptoms: I'm breaking out - soooo annoying! I did the green clay mask twice, and I feel like that just brought all the gunk up to the surface.
Best Moment of the Week: A rainy evening snuggling on the couch (after skipping the gym) was nice. We also finally slept with our window closed (first time since April!) and used two blankets. And I wore boots several times last week. Yay for fall! Plus I caught up with my cousin who will soon by moving to Texas and got tons of baby/pregnancy advice as well as our first baby gear :)
What We're Reading & Watching this Week: We started watching the Tudors from the beginning, and we've been mixing it up with Wonder Years and Sons of Anarchy. I have an itch to watch Mary Poppins (after seeing her at Disneyland!) as well as some of my fall/winter movies: When Harry Met Sally & Love Actually.
Food Cravings: I'm still loving fish (especially fish sticks). I also went through a Corn Pops kick and ate the whole box last week. By myself. Whoops.
What I Miss: Sometimes wine sounds nice.
Happy or Moody? Happy :)
Movement: Nothing yet. I've been reading up on what it's supposed to feel like. I've read it could be like popcorn popping (??!), a goldfish swimming, or gas bubbles. Hopefully I'll know it when I feel it.
Looking Forward to: Catching up with my Dad - he'll be in town from Maine for a few weeks.

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  1. I just started watching Tudors too its so good! When I was pregnant I cried at everything baby related! Lol don't stress the breakouts they will happen a lot with all of the hormones. Another thing too is pregnancy gingavitus so make sure to brush well and drink lot and lots of water to give baby lots of healthy amnotic fluids to eat!