Friday, February 26, 2016

Easter Basket Ideas

Anyone else have Easter on the mind? I'm not usually this on top of planning for holidays, but when you're awake in the middle of the night with a toothache there's not a whole lot to do other than some virtual window shopping. I got a little carried away and wound up finding enough stuff for four Easter baskets, but there's nothing wrong with having options, right?

Ez's past two Easter baskets had a car theme (last year's and first Easter) which is very fitting, and I thought of doing a Planes theme this year, but I already went that route for Valentine's Day, so I decided to go for either a dinosaur theme, which is one of Ez's newer interests, or a more traditional duck theme, because he loves the Duck & Goose books. They're both so cute, help me decide!

Toddler Option 1:

// stuffed dino // book // hatch 'ems // foam stickers //

Toddler Option 2:

// stuffed duck // book // rubber duckies // tee // color wonder markers // stickers //

For Declan's first basket I wanted to keep it simple: book, toy, treats, plus maybe a few cute accessories because I can't help myself. I'm still trying to decide between a bunny or lamb theme. Something tells me he couldn't care less and will just try to gnaw on the basket itself. First holidays are mostly just photo ops for the parents. 

Baby's 1st Basket, Option 1:

// book // bunny // bibdana // bunny teether //

Baby's 1st Basket, Option 2:

// lamb // shoes // book // bath toys // teether // 

What are some of your Easter basket must haves? Growing up I always got See's candy, a stuffed bunny, and clothes, because I loved all things twirly and pink. For a long, long time I was convinced that the Easter bunny was real because it just so happened that our giant yellow rose bush fell over on Easter eve, and I was sure it was because the Easter bunny had accidentally jumped on it when he was climbing over the fence into our yard. There's no arguing with that kind of evidence!


  1. I like it all! I saw on FB instead of a basket they used a small plastic kiddie pool lol. I think you could go that route =) ps bunny stuffy is my vote, Aria had one in her easter basket a few years back.

  2. All are adorable! I have no advice! I have leftover Christmas stocking stuffers that didn't fit in there haha. Some soap, little people farm animals, Daniel Tiger pegs. I also got a couple extra random things. I think I'll be trying to put little snacks like goldfish in eggs for him to find. I think he'll get tons of candy from grandparents haha.

  3. Also, I did find 6" eggs at the dollar store, so I'm hoping to try and use that, unless I can get the basket down!

  4. okay I'm panicking now! I haven't even thought of this...yikes! Need to get on that...right now. But you picked out some great stuff. Love the graphics that you put together.