Monday, February 15, 2016

Our Weekend: Valentine's Day

I kicked off Valentine's weekend by leaving the boys behind so I could go to a writing workshop in San Francisco. Not exactly the most romantic thing in the world, but it was so good for my mind and soul. Meanwhile Joe stayed behind with Ez and Declan for their very first boys day, which went pretty well except for one tiny little swing-related head injury. 

On Sunday morning I was up bright and early thanks to Declan, and Joe was up even earlier to go to the gym and pick up donuts (and flowers!), so we started our Valentine's Day with some coffee, donuts, and Uno. Perfect start to any day, if you ask me. Once Ez woke up we opened gifts. I already mentioned what the boys got here, and Joe got a poorly illustrated (by me) storybook of how we met (you can read the abbreviated version here). I got spoiled with some beautiful jewelry, and of course my new iphone which we picked out last weekend. 

Then it was off to my family's house to drop the boys off so Joe and I could go see Deadpool. On the way there we did quizzes from this book, and it led to lots of fun conversations. I highly recommend checking it out. While Deadpool is not the most traditionally romantic movie, we both loved it. We were cracking up almost the whole way through. Originally we were going to see Zoolander, but it got terrible reviews, and we see so few movies in the theaters we didn't want to waste it on something below average. I'm interested to hear if other Zoolander fans that have seen it would recommend it. 

After the movie we did what every parent dreams of: shopping without the kiddos. I think we wandered up and down every single aisle at Target, just because we could. And we had to talk ourselves out of buying more toys, because apparently we're worse than Ez when it comes to collecting all things Cars and Planes. We stuck to some of those mess free coloring books, and put everything else back, which showed great restraint on our parts. 

Then it was back home for some All Stars basketball. Ez became obsessed. Every commercial break he would start chanting: more basketball! Then he'd run off to the kitchen to shoot baskets in his little over-the-door hoop. Declan likes to trail Ez everywhere, so he decided to sit directly under the hoop so he could get hit in the head with each shot. They both seemed to enjoy it though, which is all that matters. 

Hope you all had a great weekend full of love and celebration with your Valentines!


  1. Can i just say that donut looks AMAZING!!!

  2. Sounds like a total parent vday! I heard zoolander was lame, but I'd like to see Deadpool. It looked pretty funny.

  3. What a great weekend! I want to hear more about your writing workshop! That sounds awesome. And now I want coffee and donuts.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Mason so badly wants to see Deadpool. To him it looks like another superhero movie. But, we have read MANY reviews saying this is not for kids.